Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Picture a day for 28...

My friend, Courtney has inspired me.  She started a blog at the beginning of the year titled, Picture a Day, where her goal is to take 1 picture each day of 2011 and post it on her blog with an accompanying story.  The idea is to capture the little bits and pieces of life which we might otherwise forget or not take the time to cherish.  I absolutely love this concept, and while it's unrealistic to think I could do it for an entire year, I can definitely handle a month.  Especially February, which only has 28 days!  So I'm taking on Courtney's challenge!  Through the month of February, I will post one picture each day with a title and story.

Day 1: Ryan's Nap Accommodations

Truth be told, this is exactly how I found Ryan when I went to get him after his nap this afternoon.  Exactly.

How the poor child can sleep with all those silly trains, I haven't a clue!  But he has to have them - all 14 of them - before he's willing to settle down at nap or bed time.  I sure do love my crazy, train-obsessed Ryan.

p.s. Thanks for the jammies, Grandma Jill!  We love them!

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Anonymous said...

I have seen a few people that do this. I think it is so awesome! Good for you! He is one cute boy!