Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 6: Ryan Grant and Ryan Grant

I think this photo is appropriate for today's picture post seeing that it's Superbowl Sunday and the Packers were crowned champions!

Now I'm no Packers fan.  But here's kind of a fun story, which has given me a soft spot for these guys.  Ryan was born November 9, 2008.  We named him Ryan Grant after Neil's dad, Grant, who passed away when Neil was 6.  Ever since Neil and I were dating, we knew if we ever had a son, Grant would be incorporated into his name.  About 4 hours after Ryan came into this world, another Ryan Grant, Green Bay Packers' running back, during a game against the Minnesota Vikings, scored a touchdown.  I still remember calling my brother, David to announce he had a nephew whom we'd named Ryan Grant.  He was watching that very game during our conversation and proceeded to share the coincidence about the NFL player.  As a result of this small coincidence, David got Neil this jersey the following month for Ryan's first Christmas.

So I found it fitting to take this picture today of Neil wearing Ryan Grant's jersey while holding Ryan Grant.

Good game, Packers!  It was a well deserved win!

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