Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 3, Part 2: Chloe's pink balloon

I have a confession to make.  The photos I posted last night of Ryan were not actually taken yesterday.  They were taken last Thursday.  The truth is I barely touched my camera yesterday, but wanted to make sure I stayed on top of this 'Picture a Day' thing.  So I posted those shots of Ryan and called it a day. 

As I was heading up to bed last night, I stopped in the kids' rooms to check on them, as I do every night.  Both were passed out and looking as precious as ever.  But when I walked into Chloe's room I not only sighed at her preciousness, but chuckled when I noticed the pretty pink balloon floating above her.

We ate at Red Robin for dinner with Steve and Natalie and the kids got balloons on our way out.  Apparently Chloe was really attached to hers. 

So this is Day 3's official photo since it was actually taken on day 3, unlike those few of Ryan.  I'm not normally a cheater, but aren't you kind of glad I cheated this once?  After all, you got 4 pictures out of the deal when you normally would have only gotten 1!  :)

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