Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 7: I think he's ready

Ryan has been showing genuine interest in the toilet for a few weeks now.  Today, on more than one occasion, I found him in the bathroom with no bottoms on.  Upon discovering him the first time, he had just submerged a quarter roll of toilet paper into the toilet and was getting ready to flush.  He warned us before his second trip, yelling, "I potty!  I potty!"  A minute or so after he'd made his run for it, I walked in and found him sitting contently on the seat clenching a wad of toilet paper in his left hand while another decent pile of it graced the floor below him.

Well, I had to get my camera. 

Neil and I are noticing a trend.  Ryan goes in his diaper and then instantly rushes to the bathroom.  He's getting the concept, we're just trying to help him understand the correct order or things: get to the bathroom before you go in your diaper, not after!

After Ryan finished up, we headed to Target to let him pick out some big boy underwear.  He was pretty stoked to see Cars and Toy Story 3 undies, but it was all over once he spotted Thomas the Train.  Hopefully his enthusiasm continues and we start making some progress!  I'll be honest.  The thought of diapers no longer playing a role in my every day life brings me great pleasure. 

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Dave and Camille said...

Carly has been doing the exact same thing for a few weeks now! I need to get on board with the whole potty training thing... if only I wasn't so lazy (and busy). Good luck!