Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's FHE

Since Monday turned out to be so full we pushed Family Home Evening to Tuesday.  The topic, of course, was LOVE.  I cut out a large red heart and stuck it to a chair.  Then each family member stood on the heart while everyone in the room took a turn to share what they loved about that person. 

The kids loved standing on the heart, but also loved sharing what they loved about each person.  Here's some of what was said. Ryan didn't exactly catch on, but he did participate! :)

Neil: "I love Chloe because she is a good helper."
Valeri: "I love Chloe because she is cheerful."
Ryan: "Mommy!"

Chloe: "I love Ryan because he plays games with me and lets me help him brush his teeth."
Neil: "I love Ryan because he's cuddly."
Valeri: "I love Ryan because he has a sweet and tender nature."

Chloe: "I love Daddy because he plays games with me sometimes."
Valeri: "I love Daddy because he supports me as a mommy and allows me to be at home with you guys!"
Ryan: "bath!" ??

Chloe: "I love Mommy because she cooks for us and gives me a bath and puts these decorations up."
Neil: "I love Mommy because she takes such good care of our family."
Ryan: "Daddy!"

After our little activity, we enjoyed chocolate fondue. So good!  Surprisingly, Ryan was more into the dipping than the eating. Either way, I think it was a big hit and something we'll definitely do again!

The kids also received a little treat in the mail from their great grandparents yesterday.  Chloe was so excited to put her dollar in her piggy bank. Thank you, Grandpa Don and Grandma Jean!

{that's strawberry syrup on Ryan's nose - too cute to remove in photoshop}

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!  I will post more pictures from Chloe's preschool party shortly.

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