Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 2: Who needs drawers?

And here's how I found Ryan after his nap today!  He was quite pleased with himself. 
When I walked in his room he smiled, pointed to the pile of clothes on the floor, and said, "Oook, Mom!" 

Only moments prior to my discovery that Ryan was at it again, half of these clothes were neatly folded on top of his dresser.  And the other half was already put away in the drawers.  So not only did this crazy son of mine shove the pile on top of the dresser off of the dresser, he then proceeded to empty all 4 drawers out!  I suppose this makes one wonder, who needs drawers?  Apparently Ryan doesn't.

1 comment:

Jamie Lamb said...

Look on the bright least he wasn't smearing poop on the walls!