Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 10: My little Valentine

Today was Chloe's Valentine's party at preschool. 

I went to observe/help/take pictures, and had so much fun watching her interact with her teachers and classmates.  She is such a precocious little thing, and her teachers always have a story to share with me about the latest thing she said or questioned.  Each child had a turn passing out the Valentines they brought for their classmates.  Out of 17 children, Chloe was last in line to get to pass hers out.  A few times, especially near the end, she got pouty and wondered why her turn hadn't rolled around yet.  But just as quickly as she'd frown when yet another name was called, she'd smile when I winked at her from across the room.  And she did get her turn!  I think she enjoyed passing out Valentines more than she enjoyed receiving them!  It's no wonder really.  She's always had a giving heart.  I sure do love my little Valentine girl.

I have more pictures to share from the party, which I'm hoping to post tomorrow.  Goodnight, all!

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