Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3: Trains and football

I realize Ryan has pretty much dominated this 'Picture a Day' challenge thus far, but I simply can't resist sharing these today.  I promise to do something different tomorrow.

What can I say?  He loves his "tains".  And his "boo-it bahl" hat, which he rarely leaves home without (thank you, Dayna).  I am so happy I get to spend my days with this little man.  This morning he came in my room bright and early and crawled into bed with me.  With blanket in tow, he made sure we each got some of it.  I can still see him gently placing one end of the blanket over my shoulder while softly saying, "Here go, Mom."

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Binns Family said...

He sure is too cute! He already looks so much bigger then when you moved. Hope you are all doing well. We miss you here.