Saturday, November 1, 2008

Along came a spider...

Chloe got plenty of use out of her costume this year, and frankly, I'm glad to finally be putting the darn thing away! What a week!

For months Chloe has had an unexplainable fascination with spiders. Terrified yet obsessed all at once. She points them out (from a distance) whenever she sees one, draws pictures of them, and has even included "our spider" in her prayers on numerous occasions. This habit started a good three months ago and I still have yet to understand where it came from. Either way, I am hoping it's all in her head. The thought of finding a pet spider in my house makes me want to cringe. Anyway, when October rolled around and I started to contemplate Chloe's Halloween attire, a spider just made sense. She was an immediate fan of the idea and has thoroughly enjoyed announcing that she was going to be a "scary spider, not a funny spider" this Halloween.

Hate to say it, but this spider looks a little too cute to be "scary". Just my opinion.

Wednesday we took her to a local high school's carnival, which she lasted a whole 10 minutes at. I think the crowd overwhelmed her. Thursday night our church hosted a carnival and trunk-or-treat, which she did much better at. She was initially intimidated by the chaos, but once we got out to the parking lot and she realized that walking up to each car and holding out her treat bag (whether she said "trick-or-treat" or not) resulted in getting candy, she quickly perked up.

Stephanie and me. We are due the very same day.

Getting the hang of trunk-or-treating

Not even strapped into her carseat and already examining her candy inventory!

Enjoying a few more treats before bedtime

Friday morning we went to Walmart for even more trick-or-treating! Chloe enjoyed herself, and was quite proud of the stash she'd acquired by the time we left.

With her little friend, Emma

Chloe leading the way

A spider in action

Taking a breather between candy stops

By yesterday afternoon Chloe was about Halloweened out. I think we all were, to be honest. A few too many timeouts and meltdowns were had, and Neil and I eventually came to the conslusion that we would be staying in for the evening. I was kind of bummed to put Chloe to bed early, having to explain that we didn't get to go trick-or-treating because of some choices she'd made. It's sad when you have to enforce tough love parenting, even on Halloween night.

Despite the minor frustrations, I'd say we had a fun and full week! Hope you did too!


The Goulds said...

You know I threatened taking away trick or treating last night more than once. Thank goodness I didn't have to follow through because they changed their tune pretty quick but well behaved children don't just happen so good for you!
And she's too cute....

stephschmidt said...

Cute costume! And I would have to agree with you, a little more "cute" than "scary", but I love that she insists its the other way around! What a fun Halloween week you had!

Rebekah said...

Cutest spider I've ever seen!!!

Stelene said...

Her costume is so cute! Hope you had a great Halloween... How were the scarry movies?

Anonymous said...

She looks so stinking cute!! What a doll!

Jodi said...

I can't say I've seen a cuter spider! Did you make her costume? And way to go with accessorizing it with a cute spider bag!

The Tait Family said...

What a cute spider! I definitely wouldn't run from her!! Looks like you all had a fun Halloween.

Paula said...

She was a great spider, very cute. Wish we could have been there for the ward party.

Wendy said...

She is definitely the cutest little spider I've ever seen! Glad she had so much fun!

Angie said...

Did you make her costume? I wouldn't be surprised if you did. :) It was fun reading about your Halloween fun. Now we'll need to get ready for Thanksgiving.

Pat said...

What a darling little spider!! It sounds like you (and she!) had so much fun! I loved reading everything about all the Halloween festivities and how she made her own sugar cookies, etc.! She is going to be such a cute big sister! I can't believe how soon your new little one is going to be arriving! So exciting!!! And I love Chloe's new bedskirt! And your stitcheries are so cute! And great job on the painting and electrical work! You've really gotten a lot done! Whew!! You're amazing!!


Anonymous said...

When David was not much older than our little Chloebug/spider he had done something naughty after Halloween and I'd said if he did it again I'd just have to take all of the candy he'd gathered and give it to my school kids. So...after he got that one more chance - no go! He did it again (can't remember at all what it was!) So...I took his candy to school and put it in my desk. I'll never forget when, a few hours later, I opened my desk drawer and there was his candy. Oh it was the most precious little bag! My heart absolutely melted....that treasure NEVER could be given away! So....I just took it back home. Dear little guy. That was, of course, before you came along. But Chloe did get some good-sized trick-or-treating in before the big slam, and I am proud of Neil for sticking to his guns. Remember the Halloween conversation I had with you after you'd been naughty when you were little? These things have to happen on Halloween along with other times, I suppose. :)

The pictures are all adorable....and I know she still had a wonderful Halloween. I love her with little Emma, both backwards and frontside. You and Neil are great parents and always do things exactly right.

Love love love,
Mama/Gma Jill

Nells-Bells said...

LOVE her costume and treat bag. Isn't halloween the best?!