Thursday, November 27, 2008

To Grandpa and Grandma

Many hugs and much love from your 'lil turkeys in Colorado!



stephschmidt said...

I love how much Chloe loves Ryan - it's so sweet! And I love her festive hat :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my - next best thing to being there! Soooooooo precious!!! Just keep watching it..... again and again, and Uncle D loves it too (of course so does Gpa Roy!!!). What a couple of sweet little turkeys.....

Thanks again SO much for doing your blog. Everything is always so wonderful!

Love love love,
Mama/Gma (Gpa Roy too.....and Uncle D)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Chloe and Ryan for your Thanksgiving wish! You are both so cute...I wish I could be there with you. Have fun with Grandma Jill this week and I'll try to be patient until December 17th when I get to come see you!

Grandma Susie