Thursday, August 14, 2008

The girls

We've had Ellie at our house all week and, naturally, there have been camera necessary moments!

Aren't they precious?

I thought Chloe was playing in her room until I found her on the guest bed laying next to sleeping Ellie. Despite how quiet and careful Chloe remained, it's amazing Ellie's nap wasn't disturbed!

Chloe has actually been quite a help this week! The other day she fed Ellie an entire bottle all by herself. Whenever I change Ellie, she demands to snap her onesie back up AND take the dirty diaper to the garbage. It's great! She's very affectionate and constantly asking to hold and kiss Ellie. It gives me hope for the huge transition November will bring.

I ventured to Costco with the girls the other day. Between 2 1/2 year old Chloe, 6 month old Ellie, and big bellied me pushing them around, I got some pretty interesting looks! One lady in particular never said anything, but the expression on her face screamed, "Do you know the definition of birth control?" While a part of me wanted to clarify that they weren't BOTH mine, another part of me wanted to get an even bigger rise out her by saying, "Yes, they're both mine! AND I'm carrying twins!" It made me chuckle.


Kelly Stoddart said...

Sounds like Chloe already to be a bis sister!

Camille said...

One time when I was very pregnant with Micah, I took 9 month old Cameron and the 4 month old foster baby we had to the hardware store. I got lots of looks just like that lady gave you. That was just to prepare me for the looks I get every day now. :)

Twinkies said...

You got just a taste of what I go through when I go to stores. I hear " you've got your hands full!" at least 10xs. I'm glad chloe's beign so helpful. It does make life easier when they can get you diapers and throw them away too. I can't wait for november.

stephschmidt said...

Oh, cute Chloe! She's going to make a fantastic big sister! I wish you wouldn't said that to the lady staring at you; too funny!

Rebekah said...

that is just funny!!!!!

sounds like Chloe is ready to be a big sis, she's already practicing!!

Jamie Lamb said...

Chloe is going to be a great big sister. She will be a big help to you I'm sure. Just wait until she tries to change the baby's diaper by herself. Annika has done that a few times and it usually ends with poop on the carpet or Justin peeing on the carpet (both times I didn't know she was trying to change his diaper). Fun times you will have! You will be glad to have a willing helper.

Stelene said...

So cute! Chloe will be a great big sister. She's getting lots of practice.
Can you believe all this rain, it's so miserable!

Binns Family said...

Looks like you will have a nice big helper when the baby comes. Brad is the same...loves to take the diapers to the trash.

Anonymous said...

So precious, as always. I've looked at this over and over...oh what a couple of precious little ones. And yes, Chloebug is going to be the best sibling ever. I can detect something wonderful developing in her sweet little self that she doesn't quite understand yet, this new love for her little bro or sis, but which will just keep on forever. Yes, it IS a Wonderful doubt. And you do a wonderful job of sharing it with us.

Love you all so much,

The Goulds said...

You're Costco moment made me laugh outloud because I remember when I would take all 4 girls to the store when I was babysitting & the looks I would get. The looks I got were of pity because people thought I had 2 sets of twins. People make me laugh. :)

Aunt Leslie Vigil said...

Well Miss Chloe, you are for sure going to be a wonderful big sister. You are going to be the leader and idol of your future biggest fan. Having a little bother/sister means always being followed, copied, and missed when you leave the room. Just have some flexibility now with a little sibling around. The "I didn't do it" response can be your greatest weapon, UNTIL brother or sister learns to talk, then you must find another playful activity to involve them in on. Always remember you will be the best little helper for mommy and daddy, and when times get tough packing up your wagon and sitting on the sidewalk might sound like the solution, remember that you will be missed by your biggest fan, and you for sure don't want to make your little brother or sister cry. If it really gets out of control (like your toys are sticky from brother or sister), remember that you have tons of family and friend that will be happy to listen to you "vent" your frustration. :) Tell mom thanks for all your wonderful pictures on the blog. I sure enjoy watching you grow.
Aunt Leslie Vigil