Saturday, August 23, 2008


For each day leading up to our 6th wedding anniversary, which is next Thursday, I am going to:
  • list one reason I'm glad I married Neil
  • post a random picture &
  • share a random fact about us

We laugh together! A marriage void of laughter isn't a healthy marriage, in my opinion! Growing up when envisioning the qualities I wanted in a husband, the ability to make me laugh was always near the top of the list! And from the day I met Neil, I knew without a doubt he carried this quality. Whether it's over an inside joke, my absentmindedness, an old memory, our daughter, a classic line from a movie or tv show, or something we can't even explain, some of the best moments spent with Neil have been in the company of good, hearty laughter!

This is the very first photo ever taken of us.

February 2002 - Chevy's Restaurant in Orem, UT, where we met as co-workers.

Neil's very first gift to me was a Kim Anderson "Forever Young" water globe/music box that plays "Puppy Love" and has a boy handing a girl a rose. Neil gave it to me on our first Valentine's Day, less than a week after we'd started dating. Chloe loves it and frequently asks me to get it down from the shelf in her room to play the song and look at "Mommy and Daddy".


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! I loved reading this and looking at your photo! You're both beaming! And you are so right - his ability to make you laugh is top! I know you make him laugh too :). You'll always have new and old funny things to share...through many more years of happiness together.

Have fun with these posts leading up to your 6th Anniversary - I'll look forward to them every day.

And for now.....HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I wish I could do a beautiful post for you like you have done for all of us on our birthdays. Please know how cherished you so many.

Love love love,
Mama....and Papa too :)

Paula said...

Happy Anniversary! The 28th? That's my parents. I love that letter to the little one. That's was sweet.

Stelene said...

Happy B-day! I know you didn't mention that in this post but I just had to say it... You guys are so cute together!

Kelly Stoddart said...

Cute picture! And I agree laughter is very important. I loved the letter that you wrote to your little one, so cute! I am sure he/she will love reading that someday

Wendy said...

What a cute idea! I couldn't agree more about needing laughter in marriage!

Happy Birthday!! I hope your day is the best! Your card and CD are going to be late...sorry!

brittanyc said...

Oh, I love this. I will look forward to each day leading up to your anniversary! I'm glad you two are so happy together. Cute, cute.

Becca said...

Super sweet idea. You guys look just the same now. Chevy is/was my favorite mexican resturaunt of all time.

Camille said...

What a great idea -- I love it! How romantic!