Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Because of Neil, I have achieved my lifelong dream of becoming a mother.

New parents - one of my favorites of us.

20 November 2005 - Admiring our new daughter of 3 days.

In the short ten months we lived in Oklahoma, we had a couple memorably scary experiences. One in particular stands out to me and I'm quite positive I'll never forget it. It happened in the middle of an ordinary night when I was suddenly awakened by a loud, yet muffled pop. It was a single "POP" but startling enough that it jolted me awake! I remember laying in bed still feeling delirious, but terrified all at the same time. I wondered what on earth it could have been and if I'd just dreamt up the sound or if it truly was as real as it seemed! Either way, my heart rate did eventually slow down to a normal rhythm again and I was able to go back to sleep. The next morning I went into the guest bedroom, which faced the front of the apartment and immediately noticed a small pile of feathers on the floor just underneath one side of the bed. Upon a closer look I realized there was a tear in the down comforter, which explained the feathers. Following the tracks I soon discovered a hole in the wall, a hole in the closet door and a hole in the box spring of the bed! We ended up taking the mattress off the bed and pulling the box spring up to see if something was inside. Sure enough, a bullet! Someone had shot at our apartment! I don't even know how it got out, but I remember the local news contacting us that evening to see if they could come do an interview. Talk about freakish! Anyway, I still have the bullet - I like to call it my Oklahoma souvenir.


Stelene said...

I never knew you lived in Oklahoma... That is SCARRY! I would have wigged out & maybe even moved if that happened to me. I am pretty wimpy though.... Too funny that you kept the bullet!

Rebekah said...

That's scary!! I would have just died and never have been able to go back to sleep. Funny that you kept the bullet! I would have done the same thing!!!

(we really have a ton in common don't we? :D )

Binns Family said...

That is crazy scary. I think I would have moved that day.

Pat said...

I remember that scary experience (from e-mail) and knew exactly what you were talking about the moment I began reading it! I still can't believe it--it's so weird, and yes, scary! Glad you survived it! :)

I love that picture too!