Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chloe and her bright ideas

I am slowly learning that Chloe + bathroom + unattended = TROUBLE! Whether she's with a friend or by herself, she has proven that where there is a bathroom, there will be mischief!

Here's today's fun activity: get naked from the waist down and decorate the bathroom (and self) with Comet! Mom won't mind, even though she cleaned this very bathroom less than 24 hours ago!

After coughing up a lung from the cloud of Comet that had produced in the tiniest room of our house, I opened the window (all the way), wiped out the tub, swept the floor, threw the rug in the washer, filled the tub with fresh water and ordered Chloe to get in and stay there until further notice! I really couldn't do anything else with her unless I wanted Comet tracked all over my house.

Why is it that she (almost) always waits until Neil's out of town to act on her crazy impulses?


Wendy said...

I'm pretty sure I did the same thing when I was about her age. I'll have to get my mom to find that picture and show you. I am sorry that you had to clean it all up, though!

dayna said...

she looks so cute and sweet in the photo! good thing joel wasn't there with her...i was starting to think he made her do all the crazy bathroom stuff! i hope the hot tamales don't give you a headache and that you are feeling better:)

Rebekah said...

my boys did something similar only with toothpaste. it was everywhere....looks like she had fun though! She's so cute!!
Hope you are feeling good!

Rachel said...

What a cute girl! - they are always adorable in these situations when they aren't yours. Did she think the Comet was baby powder? Micah is HUGE trouble in the bathroom. We went through a time when I had to lock the bathroom doors and carry a key around with me - fun times.

P.S. Thanks for the timeout idea, we're definitely going to try it.

Paula said...

What a mischievous little girl. Sorry about the blanket. I am no help, as I would have done the same thing. Good luck! I would love to post a "Firstborn Survey", but some don't apply. I may think about it. I love the Valentine's Day card idea...Neil is so cute that way!

stephschmidt said...

Oh that is the sweetest thing! She looks so proud that she's "helping" you! Aren't 2 yr olds such fun?? :)

Barry and Shannon said...

she looks very proud of her "art" and quite happy as well. what's worse, flour or comet?

Anonymous said...

I just couldn't stop laughing out of pure joy - and it was so fun to be talking to you at the same time I was looking at that DARLING bright face - so like the one I saw a couple of decades ago (and a half :) when I discovered my slippers floating around in the bath water, or the puppy food mixed with water all over the kitchen floor, or the milk poured there on purpose because it was so fascinating to see it pouring, pouring, pouring with only the slightest bit of help from another darling little urchin who's now all grown... Oh I'm so happy you capture these precious moments both in picture and prose. And you always do such a wonderful job! Your Aunt Carolyn filled Gma B's "morning with JOY" (Gma's words) five+ decades ago when she poured Joy dishwashing detergent all over the kitchen floor. That's really fun to clean up too :).

Just can't describe how much I love you all....
Mama/Gma Jill

Anonymous said...

Way to go Chloe!! You're doing such a good job keeping life interesting for your mom!! We wouldn't want her to get bored now, would we???

I have a picture of Casey standing beside my washer with a big mess of laundry detergent, similar to the mess Chloe made for you. He was about the same age. Oh the wonderful, terrible two's!!!

Love ya!
Aunt Carolyn

Pat said...

Yes! The first comment I read was from Wendy, and she did do that when she was about Chloe's age, only a little younger (she wasn't yet two) and we do have a picture of it. I will have to get it out and send it. :) And we also have a picture of Mike sitting on top of the stove with Hershey's or Nesquik chocolate milk mix all over him and all over the stove when he was about that same age. Kids are so funny!


Camille said...

She just wants to keep you entertained when Daddy is out of town.