Wednesday, August 27, 2008


He never goes a day without asking me how I'm doing. Whether it's the first question of the day, during an afternoon phone call when he has a spare minute, or as we're kissing goodnight, he always makes it a point to say, "How are you?" and genuinely mean it. As simple and insignificant as it may seem, it's often what gets me through the day.

The "Uncle's Talk"

August 27, 2002 - the night before the big day.
I can only imagine the "advice" Neil was given. That look of fear says it all!
{From left to right: Uncle Curtis, Dad, Uncle Don, Uncle Mike, and the groom-to-be}

Our birthdays both land on the 24th of the month - his: January, mine: August.


Paula said...

I love these little tributes. Happy Birthday, by the way.

Coates Family said...

Happy Belated Birthday Valeri! I am making your taquitos tomorrow. So excited!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love what you're doing here. All of these tributes are wonderful. And how sweet this one is.

I love the photo!

Love you all!

Pat said...

I love that! Asking "How are you?" and really wanting to know...everyday. What a wonderful quality!

And as the music goes on, "Let It Go," and "Give Me the Simple Life...." I think I'll stay on your blog for awhile so I can listen to your whole repertoire! :)