Saturday, August 23, 2008

One simple request

Dear Baby,

It is 4:37am. Approximately two hours ago, your sister came into our room with the intention of sneaking into bed with us (a recent habit she's formed). In the short process of carrying her back to her room, while reminding her (for the hundredth time) of the Andersen family's sleeping arrangements, YOU woke up!

Now, my little one, I know the Olympics have probably gotten you jazzed up these last couple weeks. They've certainly excited your sister - especially the "ginastics", as she calls them. I know, too, that you're running out of room in there, and with those long Halliday legs you've most likely inherited, I can hardly blame you for needing to stretch them out as you so often do. But goodness gracious, child! This kick boxing match has kept me awake for the last hour and a half! There isn't an opponent in there I don't know about, is there? I thought your sister was active, but you've already surpassed her in that category (something you can surely use to your advantage in months to come when she's picking on you)!

While I appreciate and really just have to giggle at all the commotion in my belly, I do have one simple request. Can you save the exercise routine for morning? Mommy needs her rest! Especially these days, since all too soon she's going to be permanently sleep-deprived!

I sure do love you and can't wait to tickle those little elbows, knees and feet that I have already become so well acquainted with! Off to dream land you go now, my little gymnast.



Anonymous said...

How precious this is. It brought tears...just so much tenderness in your sweet voice and such obvious love for your two little ones. Precious little things...and precious you.

Hope by now (two hours later) all three of you are sleeping soundly...and Neil too. Hope also that you (all four) have a wonderful weekend.

Love you all so...

Stelene said...

Too funny! Hopefully that little babe let you go to sleep & your other little babe let you sleep in... Your brother sounds amazingly (I don't know if thats a word) talented - you have reason to brag:)

Anonymous said...

That is so stinkin cute!! Not the fact that you are getting beat from the inside but just how you feel about it and you are so sweet about it! You are a wonderful mom! lots of loves

Anonymous said...

What a sweet conversation!! You are a cute little mother!! And you write very descriptively!!

Aunt Carolyn

serendipity said...

you know what you are?
you are a dream come true to me
you give me hope
cause i thought those things exist only in my dreams
this love
this passion
everything is just the way i love it :)
even your music list is full of my favorites :) (my blog is called somewhere over the rainbow:)

i just wanna say God bless you and your family and keep you safe and happy :)

with love,