Monday, January 7, 2008

Geaux Tigers!

Tonight is a night we've been anxiously awaiting for weeks! It's the BCS National Championship game: Tigers versus Buckeyes!

Here's a little background:
Neil's grandpa Don taught at Louisiana State University for 35 years, so the fandom has always been in Neil's blood. I on the other hand could have cared less about LSU and college football all together. That is until January 4, 2004, when I had my change of heart. 3 words: Nokia Sugar Bowl. We lived in Oklahoma City at the time, and I'd say 85-90% of our co-workers were d-i-e-h-a-r-d OU fans. On this particular day, several people came into work sporting OU: 2004 BCS National Champions t-shits and hats, clearly convinced that their Sooners would defeat our Tigers later that evening.

HA HA HA is all I have to say! Only hours later, as it became more and more evident that those t-shirts were misprinted, I decided to do something daring. Let's just say that some very yummy yellow frosted sugar cookies with 'LSU' iced in purple magically appeared in my boss's mailbox the following morning. He did forgive me, eventually.

Somehow the experience of witnessing our Tigers defeat the Sooners, whose players and fans had been so darn sure of themselves, and further rubbing in their faces the fact that they'd been a little too quick to claim the role of champions, converted me to Tigerism. And ever since then, we haven't missed a single game!

Today Neil is sporting some yellow and purple in honor of tonight's game. And Chloe has a purple bruise on her forehead (as usual) to show her spirit...

And so folks, in the words of Chloe, "Go Tigors!" Tonight let's show those Buckeyes who's boss!



Barry and Shannon said...

You are too funny!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! That was hilarious, and once again, so well-written. All these entries would make a great book. I know I'm your mom (who's biased?), but it's true! I didn't know that story. Have fun watching and let's hope celebrating! We'll be doing the same from Salt Lake.

Yeah, Chloebug - "Go Tigors!"

Love you all!