Thursday, January 17, 2008


Last night my little ladybug slept in a twin sized bed for the very first time! And might I add she did this straight from her crib! She did incredibly well, and I am an extra proud mommy today. We've gradually been transforming her "nursery" into a "little girl room", and let me tell you, this process has been a longer one than I anticipated. What could I have really expected though, when I have a two-year-old who wants to be involved in EVERYTHING - especially when it has something to do with Chloe?

Neil put up the chair rail a couple weekends ago, and I've been painting ever since (mostly at odd hours of the night). I finally finished her room yesterday, and have since moved onto the dresser and headboard, which only need another coat or two of paint before they'll be ready additions to her room. After removing all the paint supplies and giving the room a good clean vacuum yesterday, Neil threw the twin mattress and box spring on the floor. We figured there was no reason Chloe couldn't start sleeping there that very night, even if her room wasn't completely finished.

You should have seen the expression on that girl's face when she spotted the mattress. It was like Christmas morning all over again! Chloe wouldn't leave her room for the rest of the day, and truly, it was entirely empty other than the mattress! I'm convinced this put us at an advantage at bedtime. When we asked if she was ready to sleep in her big girl bed she climbed right in, oh-so proudly and without hesitation! Twenty minutes passed before she came into our room asking for her blanket, but once she had that to snuggle with, she was perfectly content! She stayed there the whole rest of the night, and even slept in later this morning than I did! She made it quite clear she was up when she flung her bedroom door wide open and yelled, "AWAKE!", then darted down the hall into the kitchen to greet us. We, of course, praised her up and down for not only sleeping, but staying in her big girl bed all night long. And she naturally absorbed every ounce of praise graciously. I am hoping and praying that this good behavior continues. I'm a fan.

Ah HA!! The source of entertainment reveals itself!


Mamma K said...

That is so stinkin cute! I've thought about doing the same thing with Addie but I know that there is NO WAY that she would stay in bed, I am going to keep her in her cage for a long as I can... haha I am so glad things are going well...lots of love

Paula said...

That is so exciting. yahoo! Cute room. Hey, in regards to what we were talking about earlier tonight, I saw a sink and counter for free on craigslist. check it out.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh....precious little ladybug of precious bigger's all so darling. Loved your description of Chloebug's reaction to her "big girl" bed and room, and the photos tell it all. It's all beautiful! Can hardly wait to see everything (and everyone!) in person. (Love how both of you praised her! Could just see it happening:)

Hope you're all asleep right now...
Love you so!

Becca said...

So cute! That is a big milestone. I wish it had been as easy for me when we moved Tyler to his room. That kid would come out every 2 mintues. The room looks really cute.

Dayna said...

it looks so good in there! how fun! you have really been working hard