Sunday, January 13, 2008

Best of 2007

This entry is dedicated to Chloe and to the many changes, milestones, and memories that 2007 brought us.

JANUARY: Masters walking
FEBRUARY: Tooth #7 and 8 break through, making four on top and four on the bottom
MARCH: Walks up the stairs on her own; slides down the stairs on her bum
APRIL: Endures a long three weeks without Daddy while he trains for a new job in Indiana
MAY: NURSERY!!!; masters somersaults; hair is finally long enough to put in pigtails; moves out of the only house she's ever called "home"
JUNE: Vocabulary explodes; first molar breaks through
JULY: Can count to three
AUGUST: Proudly announces when she "toots"; becomes obsessed with the moon
SEPTEMBER: Is spotted putting her doll in the corner; recognizes and excitedly announces "Eee-ee-bow" every time she spots a Home Depot (thanks to her Dad); says, "please", "thank you", and "bless you" when someone sneezes
OCTOBER: Says farewell to the binky once and for all
NOVEMBER: Celebrates her 2nd birthday; says, "I pretty" while admiring her reflection in the mirror; genuinely enjoys watching football with her dad; repeats anything and everything she hears
DECEMBER: Welcomes her first cousin into the family: Olivia Noelle Giesler; sees Mom's hometown for the first time; goes potty ON the toilet; counts clear to ten; can sing parts of 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star', 'Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam', 'ABCs', 'The Wheels on the Bus', 'Ring Around The Rosie', and 'Jesus Once Was a Little Child'

Late nights when Neil had dinner programs and together, we'd wait up for him; candlelight bubble baths; hearing, "I love you, Mommy" for the first time; singing to her the same songs my mom sang to me as a child; baking Christmas cookies; peeking through the window at her during nursery just to catch a glimpse; observing the genuine excitement in her eyes the minute her Dad walked through the door at the end of each day; witnessing the transformation from baby to little girl...


2007 was a beautiful year for our family. Many changes took place, aside from those relating directly to Chloe, and reflecting back, I see just how blessed we were and are. Here's to a successful 2007 and a fresh and exciting 2008!


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely priceless gift you have given to your family in this beautiful entry. What a treasure for Chloe as she grows into understanding.....for Neil as he remembers these precious milestones along with you.....for you when you need something to recharge your batteries, brighten your days, or just savor a memory.....for all of us as we think on the sacred gift of life and its sweet transformations as time goes on. Such wonderful words you write....such wonderful photos you take and put together. Thank you....more than I can say. I could spend my days with all of this...over and over again.

Love you so.....

Anonymous said...

Valerie, you are truly an amazing girl. I love your blogspot and the pictures of your beautiful family. yes we are so blessed to know you. Love, Vicki