Monday, January 12, 2009

Two for one

Two tags, one post! This first one came from Wendy.

Here are 7 random facts about yours truly:

1. I am my own worst critic. No matter how much time or effort I've contributed to something, I always find reason to disapprove in the end. While I recognize this quirk, I'm not sure how to overcome it. Having kids has definitely helped me loosen up, but I think that perfectionist mentality will always be a part of who I am.

2. Both Mariah Carey and Cher bug me.

3. Beautiful and powerful things make me cry. Whether it be a musical number, a dance routine, an air show, a touching story, a climactic movie scene, my children, miracles, a genuine compliment from my husband, hearing that someone is pregnant or has just had a baby (always gets me for some reason) or reminiscing about special past times, it doesn't take much to get the tears rollin'.

4. Two of my biggest pet peeves include the inability to listen, and giving unwanted advice. There's nothing like carrying on a conversation with someone who's so in love with the sound of their own voice that they don't comprehend a word you're saying because they're too busy planning out what they're going to say next. I prefer to finish my own sentences, thank you! And with regard to advice, if I want it, I'll ask for it. Period!

5. I am a very fussy sleeper. First of all, I am all about white noise and have a very hard time settling down without it. Ridiculous, yes, but we run our fan every single night, no matter the season. And when we travel, I use ear plugs. If I can hear any outside noise I get antsy. Second, I am not a cuddly sleeper. If Neil and I come even remotely in contact, I will inadvertently push him or move away until we are no longer touching. That probably sounds mean, but he likes his space just as much as I like mine, which is why we're currently saving up for a king sized bed. :) And finally, I started sleeping with a body pillow during my first pregnancy, and haven't been able to kick the habit yet.

6. It makes me crazy when people pop their gum or chew with their mouths open.

7. Decorating stresses me out big time! Part of it stems from Neil's and my differing styles, and so it's quite a challenge finding something we both love. In the rare event that we do agree on something, one of us always cracks a joke that we should argue about it anyway. Aside from our differences, however, I just don't enjoy the process of decorating AT ALL! I can't visualize something in my head and trust it. I have to see the finished product to know if I like it. If I could afford to hire an interior designer who knew my taste inside and out, I'd do it in a heartbeat! No joke.

Okay, onto the next tag, which came from Allie:

1. What is my occupation right now? Mommy and homemaker: without a doubt the most challenging, exhausting and wonderful job I've ever had!

2. What color are my socks right now? Not wearing socks.

3. What am I listening to right now? Pure silence - a very unfamiliar sound these days.

4. Last thing I ate? Yogurt.

5. Can I drive a stick shift? It's what I learned on.

6. Last person I spoke to on the phone? My dad. I love him.

7. Do I like the person who sent this to me? Of course I do!

8. How old am I today? 27.

9. Favorite sport to watch on TV? College football. Neil converted me from NFL.

10. Favorite drink? Coke with fresh squeezed lime. Also love just about any kind of juice.

11. Have I ever colored my hair? Yes.

12. Favorite food? I'm a sushi girl. Also love Thai, Chinese and Mexican. Other random stuff: mixed greens with fruit and toasted nuts, peas, hot french bread or sourdough, pasta, and let's not forget Cafe Rio. Wow, talk about variety!

13. Last movie I watched? The Family Man.

14. Favorite day of the year? I don't have a favorite day. From Thanksgiving to Christmas is the time of year I love most.

15. How do I vent anger? Calling my husband or parents, depending on the circumstance and who it's appropriate to discuss the issue with. Letting it all out is usually the only way I can feel completely better about something.

16. Favorite toy as a child? Barbies.

17. Favorite season? Fall.

18. Cherries or Blueberries? Cherries.

19. Living arrangements? Hubby and two precious kiddos.

20. When was the last time I cried? This afternoon.

21. Favorite celebrities? Jack Black, Kristen Wiig, Peyton Manning, Vince Vaughn, Clark Gable, Katharine Hepburn, Kate Beckinsdale, Jennifer Aniston, and Ellen Degeneres. Oh, and I think Daniel Craig is hot. Don't worry, Neil knows. :)

22. What is on the floor of my closet? Shoes, tupperware containing sentimental items, and luggage.

23. What did I do last night? Took dinner to a friend who just had a baby, had some friends over for dinner and games, calmed my fussy son and snuggled with my husband.

24. What am I most afraid of? Tragedy striking a loved one or my home.

25. Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers? Cheesy and spicy - oh, how nice it will be when I can eat spicy food again.

26. Favorite dog breed? It's a toss up between a rottweiler and bulldog.

27. Favorite day of the week? Whatever day lets me relax and enjoy my family most.

28. How many states have I lived in? 4 - California, Utah, Oklahoma and Colorado.

29. Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds.

30. Favorite flower? Lilacs and tulips.

Okay guys, it's your turn now. If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged!


Mama/Gma Jill said...

SO glad you took this time to relax and share random things (thanks Wendy and Allie). Your third para was especially beautiful. #4 - I'm right with you! #7 - love the "...argue about it anyway..." - you guys are cute. Fun reading all the rest too :).

Thanks for sharing. Loved it!

Love love love,
Mama/Gma Jill

Mama/Gma Jill said...

P.S. Remember when we were going to watch "The Family Man?" :)

Love love love,
Me again :)

Dawn Hudson said...

I am the same way about sleeping. I brought my fan with me to disney world and also had to buy ear plugs in the gift shop. Though the only ones they had were silicone for water. I sitll bought them and I wore them anyway and had to untangle my hair every morning from them. I also can't get rid of the pillow in between my legs from the first pregnancy. To funny!!