Friday, January 9, 2009

Our little chatterbox...

Oh, my sweet Chloebug: the child who's mouth never stops. Up until a couple months ago I was really good about jotting down all the silly things she said. But between a demanding newborn and her endless chatter, it's become impossible for me to keep up!


This morning after bringing me a “teapot” containing “Mommy’s lunch”, Chloe said to me, “You better eat it before it gets still!” (stale)

As I "ate" pretend lettuce, string cheese, a hot dog bun and watermelon out of a pot, I had to smile as Chloe enthusiastically asked over and over again, "Do you like it, Mommy?" Anyone who gets that excited over such a simple thing must be a happy person. Though she has plenty of sassy moments, she also has lots of precious ones. And in an attempt to capture some of those, I decided to interview her. Here you'll see what a typical conversation can be like with Chloe; how she can ramble on and on and on, prolong a simple answer or statement, and change the subject all in a matter of minutes. Keep in mind these questions were just thought up as we went along.

V: "What’s your name?"
C: "Chloe, and my name’s Chloe!"
V: "How old are you?"

C: "Tha-reeeeeeee!"
V: "What’s your favorite color?"

C: "White. White’s my favorite color. And blue is my favorite color. Blue and white!"
V: "What’s your brother’s name?"

C: "Ryan. His name’s Ryan."
V: "And how old is he?"

C: "Mommy, how old’s Ryan? Mommy, can I cut something in half?"
V: "What’s your favorite movie?"
C: "The Lion King is my favorite movie."
V: "Are you sure? Isn’t Mary Poppins your favorite?"

C: "Um, Mary Poppins is my favorite and Lion King is my favorite. I wanna watch Mary Poppins now!"
V: "What does daddy do?"

C: "He plays Mary Poppins on."
V: "Is he at work?"

C: "Yeah. He goes to work sometimes."
V: "Where does Daddy work?"

C: "He works at Home Depot."
V: While chuckling at Chloe's last answer, "What does Daddy like to do?"
C: "He does not like to do anything."
V: "What’s your favorite thing?"

C: "Mary Poppins."
V: "Who’s your best friend?"

C: "Cindy."
V: "Why is Cindy your best friend?"

C: "'Cause I like her."
V: "Why do you like her?"

C: "Because did I like to see her!"
V: "What’s your favorite food?"
C: "I don’t like food."
V: "Interesting. What’s your favorite snack?"

C: "Uhh, fruit snacks. Mommy, fruit snacks are my favorite!"
V: "What do you like about your brother?"

C: "My brother’s my best friend."
V: "I thought Cindy was your best friend?"
C: "Cindy is my best friend and my brother is my best friend!"
V: "Oh, okay. Well w
hat’s your favorite song?"
C: "Twinkle, twinkle. I’ll sing it to you later, Mom. No, Give oh give said the little stream."
(She then heads to the piano and starts banging on the keys while singing what she knows of the song)
V: "Did you have a good Christmas?"
C: "Yeah, I had a good Christmas. How was your good Christmas, Mom? Did you have a good Christmas too?"
V: " Yes I did, thank you! What did you get for Christmas?"

C: "Shhhh, I’m playing the pliano."
V: "But Chloe, I want to know what you got for Christmas!?"

C: "A ball. Mommy, I want to do my game!"
(She then disappears out of the room only to come back a moment later with her baby's burp cloth. And by the way, I don't recall her getting a ball for Christmas.)
V: "What’s your favorite toy?"
C: "Uhh, stickers are my favorite toys. Mommy, I’ll let you have the burp cloth", she says while wrapping it around my arm.
V: "What are you going to do with Daddy when he gets home?"
C: "I’m gonna start playin’ with him."
V: "What are you gonna play with him?"
C: "Shhh, my baby’s asleep!"
V: "What’s mommy’s name?"

C: "Mommy! Valeri!"
V: "What does mommy do?"

C: "She, um, plays with me, and Cindy plays with me sometimes. Mommy, I put my sock on!"
V: "What’s your favorite thing about Ryan?
C: "He’s my favorite color!"
V: "What’s his color?"

C: "Um, um, um, it’s white. He likes white better. Mom, it’s time to go home. I’m gonna go home now. There's my home!" (pointing to her bedroom down the hall)

If you're not exhausted (or asleep) after reading this, I'm about there!



Anonymous said...

Valeri, that was great. It made me feel like I was right there and I could hear Chloe's little voice answering every one of those questions. It is interesting that she likes the color white...I'm not sure I have ever had someone say that is their favorite color.
Tell Chloe I want to be her best friend too!:)
Grandma Susie

Carrie said...

LOL I love it!! She is so funny! I love how they go from one thing to the next in no time at all..Addie makes me crazy sometime because of that, but their little minds are just going a mile and second.....Addie's new thing is "calm down mommy"...oh the joys of having a 3 year old..

Gma Jill said...

I'm sure Gma Susie and I agree that we could never be exhausted or go to sleep while reading such a precious conversation. That was absolutely priceless. I loved and hung on every word, and I too could see everything happening. What an absolutely dear little Chloebug we have. Thank you sooooo much for taking time to do that - and I absolutely love the photo. (Reminds me so much of another little three-year-old and long-ago priceless conversations. I'm so glad they also were recorded :).

Hug your babies for both Susie and me, and know how loved you all are.

Love love love,
Gma Jill

(Hi, Susie!)

Gma Jill said...


Did you know that my favorite color was white?

Love love love,
Gma Jill

Rachael Jill said...

Chloe is adorable. Sounds like she keeps you smiling.

Thanks for your comment on my photoblog. I just saw it this morning...;)


Cristi said...

too cute! i love those conversations (but they are tiring, huh?) :)