Monday, September 29, 2008

42 years

Here's to two of the greatest people I know and their journey together.

Thank you for all you've taught me about what marriage is.
In the words of your granddaughter:

Happy 42nd "Anninersary", Dad and Mom!



stephschmidt said...

Wow - 42 years! What an accomplishment! Hope you guys have a great day, Jill and David! I love the cute video of Chloe :)

Wendy said...

Happy Anniversary, Jill and Dave!! I hope your day was absolutely wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh......thank you, Honey. Dad and I looooove this! It brought tears to both of us. Everything about it is wonderful - topped off with that darling little child with her sweet sweet message. I could watch her video a hundred times (I probably will!).

Thank you sooo much!

We LOVE you so much!!!

Mama and Papa

Paula said...

Catching up on blogging. Love the video about voting. TRUTH. Love the video of baby moving. That was cool to watch. And Love the t-shirt. Unfortunately I am one that loves to touch a pregnant belly...envy mostly.

Anonymous said...

Valeri, your blog is so WARM AND FUZZY just like you! I love you and miss you! I love fall, too...and I am so proud of you!

The Goulds said...

Please tell them Happy Anniversary for me. 42 years. My parents are celebrating their 30th. It's just such an amazing accomplishment in these days. Send my love to them both for they are wonderful people.

Rachel said...

What a milestone! It's great to have such a good example. Congratulations to all.

Pat said...

Beautiful! I love that picture! And I loved little Chloe's sweet message! Happy Happy Anniversary, Jill and Dave! Goodness--42 years! :)