Saturday, January 8, 2011

A forgotten post : Ryan's prayer

In perusing my draft folder I came across this post, which I wrote on September 8th of last year.  For whatever reason I never got around to publishing it.  It's too cute not to share, even if it is 4 months old.  So, here goes.

Tonight there was much giggling at the dinner table.  Especially when it came time for the blessing on the food.  Ryan's vocabulary and desire to speak has exploded these recent weeks, and while you still can't make out a lot of what he says, you can tell he's trying.  Due to his growing desire to talk like the rest of us, he and Chloe often argue over who gets to say the prayer before meals or at bedtime.  Tonight was no different, and, well, Ryan won.

First off, Ryan never lets us forget to bless the food.  The minute we sit down at the table he immediately folds his arms and then looks around to see who is following his lead.  It's priceless.  Anyway, here's how his prayer went - with mommy's help, of course.

Me: "Dear Heavenly Father.."
Ryan: "Ehhh dyyyyyye.."
Me: "Thank you for this day.."
Ryan: "Ehhh dyyyyyye.."
Me: "Please bless this food.."
Ryan: "Ehhh dyyyyyye.."
Me: "Bless Daddy.."


At this point, I heard Ryan gulping his milk.  Apparently all that praying was making him thirsty!  Still had one arm folded while the other supported the sippy cup he was now drinking from.  This is when Chloe chimed in and repeated, "Bless daddy..?" which Ryan replied, "Ehh dyyyyyye.."

By now both Chloe and I were giggling, which then made Ryan start to giggle.  Then I peeked over at Chloe who was trying her darnedest to keep her eyes closed, but was peeking over at Ryan whose eyes had been wide open throughout the entire prayer. 

Seeing that our food was no longer hot, I figured it was time to finish things off so we could eat! 

Me: "In the name of Jesus Christ, amen." 
Ryan: "Unn!"

I love my children.  And I love the simple moments like these that remind me how precious it is to be the mother of little ones. 


Rebekah said...


Lizzie said...

that is so precious.

and mommy! what are you doing shooting pictures during prayer? hee hee ;)

Twinkies said...

That is too funny. I guess bridgette doesn't feel safe at our house because her prayers for evertyhing consist of blessing the food and repeating several times in a row " to please keep us safe" and then list everyone one by one asking them to be safe too. Should I be worried?