Monday, January 10, 2011

From the mouth of Chloe

I haven't been the best lately about documenting the funny things Chloe says, but here are a handful of treasures I have managed to get on paper.  Some of these go back 6 or more months. 

"Mom, if you needed to put me in time out for 4 minutes, I would be just fine.  If you put me in time out for 60 minutes, I would not be fine."

"On your market, get set, ready, go!"

During a prayer, "Bless that our strength and bodies will help us stay alive."

Chloe: "Is my daddy allowed to cook?"
Me: "Sure!"
Chloe: "But he doesn't know how to?  Because it's too hard for him?"

"Mommy, I'm full.  It's all the way up to my tummy!"

"Dad, maybe when you're a little bit very stronger you can do it!"

After writing a '2' on a piece of paper, "What happens if you have a 2 this way?" (rotates the paper sideways)
"It'll be a N!  And what happens if you have a N this way?!" (rotates the paper further)
"It'll be a 2 again!  Pretty funny, huh?"

"I think I like salad and lettuce now.  I like both but not tomatoes.  I don't like those yet.  Not 'til I'm a grown up."

While watching the scene in 'The Slipper and the Rose' where Cinderella and the Prince get married, "This part makes me have tears."

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