Friday, September 18, 2009


...I will update this blog. I have been on overload with photos, and found very little free time to blog. Luckily tonight was my last shoot of the month, so once I get caught up on editing, I should actually be able to relax a little! It's been a crazy month to say the least! Here are some updates you have to look forward to:

- my first rock climbing experience (I know, pretty hard to imagine - don't worry, I have pictures to prove I did it)
- Chloe's first week of preschool
- Ryan's 10 month milestones
- house projects, which are now F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D!!!

I can't believe we're already halfway through September! Huh? I am loving Fall. The cooler days, the changing leaves, pumpkins in the grocery store, football, and so much more. Tomorrow I think I'll bake something with pumpkin. It's just that time of year! Love it. Updates coming soon!


stephschmidt said...

I'm so happy that fall is coming - I love it! I hope you post some of your pumpkin recipes; I need some more :)

Mama/Gma Jill said...

Love everything you said. I'm happy you're gonna slow down a little and be able to enjoy the sweet fall days a little more now (love everything you said about that too - love your comment about pumpkins in the grocery stores :). Fall is rejuvenating, isn't it?

Good luck with everything. So proud of you. Don't be afraid to slow down a little......everything will fall into place just like it should.

Love to all.....
Love love love,