Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rock climbing at Red Rocks

September has been an eventful month, which explains the lack of blog posts. I am gradually getting my photos and updates organized, so be on the watch. For starters, here's what we did on Labor day!

Neil has loved rock climbing since high school. In the nearly 8 years I've known him, he's talked about how fun it would be for us to go together. And for the majority of those 8 years, I've been terrified of and unwilling to even consider it. Recently though, I decided that when the next opportunity presented itself, I needed to give it a shot once and for all! I didn't have to like it, but I did have to try it! And I DID! I know, Valeri and rock climbing? It's an anomaly!

This picture gives the illusion that I was up much higher than I actually was. Nice work, Neil!

Chloe gave it a try too, and did really well all things considered. She seemed to enjoy herself until she skinned her elbow on a rock. Then, well, that was the end of it!
She looks so pathetic in the second photo, it's adorable! That white blonde hair and red face - gotta love her.

Here's Neil waving hello from the top of a very difficult climb.
This was practically straight up. I still don't know how he did it.

Here's Chloe, pre-skinning of the elbow. Happy as can be and ready to climb a rock!

And my sweet Ryan... always smiley and mellow. He just sat and watched, kicking his legs with glee when he'd get particularly excited about something. Sure do love this boy.

So did I like rock climbing? Honestly? Ehh, it was okay. The repelling part was fun in a scary kind of way, but overall it just wasn't my thing. I'm still proud of myself for trying, and I think once Neil gets over the shock of my willingness, he will be too!

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Jamie said...

Way to go on the rock climbing! It looks like you got pretty far. Fun!