Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birthday wishes... the newest member of the Andersen family! Happy Birthday, Courtney!

{May 6, 2009 - the day it became official}

I adore this girl, who I now call sister. Maybe part of it is subconscious because she reminds me so much of myself. Ha ha!

One thing that stands out to me about Courtney is her small acts of kindess. I remember last summer, after spending a week in Florida with Neil's extended family (and meeting Courtney for the first time), receiving from her a thank you card. While it was a simple act, it said a lot about the kind of person she was. Another thing I appreciate about Courtney is her directness. This southern girl is not afraid to say it like it is! I am especially impressed considering her age! I was about as timid as could be at 21! I feel a real connection to Courtney, and look forward to future years of growing closer.

Happy 21st! Gosh, you're young! If you were closer I'd bake you some chicken lasagna and a batch of chocolate chip free chocolate chip cookies! Have a fun day!


Jill Halliday said...

Happy Happy Birthday to beautiful Courtney! I'm so glad you joined the Andersen family too! Have a wonderful day. I hope you feel spoiled all day long - and beyond. We love you too.

Jill (Valeri's mom) and family

Brad and Courtney said...


I just LOVE you!! You are so sweet and I appreciate you so much! I wish we lived closer too...maybe some day...who knows what the future brings (except more birthdays).

Can't wait to see you! (whenever that may be)!!!

-- Courtney (your now legal sister-in-law)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Courtney, I echo Valeri's sentiments! Can't wait to see you in October.
Love, Susie