Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mish mash: Part 2

Didn't plan to take this much time to compile Part 2 of the Mish Mash series. Oh well. It was a BUSY weekend, and I had zero free time. So here I am now. This post is primarily about Chloe. Not that she's changed too much since the last Chloe post. Her obsession with being a grown up, married, and a mom so that people can't tell her what to do anymore continues to blossom. She's such a funny girl.


Friday evening as we were driving home, she and I had the following conversation:
Chloe: "Am I gonna be a mom?"
Me: "Someday you will be."
- pause -
Chloe: "And then I'll have really big boobs?"
Couldn't tell ya what I said next, as Neil and I were too busy laughing.
Where does she come up with this stuff?

Then Thursday as Chloe pranced around in her white princess dress and pink crown, she said,
"I'm dancin' with Uncle D 'cause he's my husband today!"
....Versus yesterday when someone else was her husband??

Lately she's been asking me to turn on a cd of classical music so that she can then dance around the living room. Today as she approached me, she explained that we were going to the temple so she could get married and dance with Bert, her new husband. Bert is a character in Mary Poppins, whom Chloe adores.

The other night it was a similar story. She was pretending to be Mary, Jesus' mom. She put a kitchen towel on her head and then her crown over the top of that, as if to look like Mary. When we asked who she was going to marry, she looked at us like we were stupid and said, "Joseph!" Good to know she's got her Biblical figures straight!


Chloe can spell her name out loud and write it out without assistance. She's also got Neil's name down, and is beginning to memorize Ryan's and mine. She's constantly asking, "Does ___ start with the letter _? More often than not, she's right. She's also becoming quite the artist too. Her pictures are more detailed than I would expect for her age, though I may be slightly biased. She draws spiders, suns, moons, rainbows, people and most recently, animals. Here she is last week, drawing a bunny.


Okay, funny story. The other day she somehow got a hold of the Valentine's card I gave Neil this year. Not to get too detailed, but let's just say the card was a little on the provocative side. Nothing visual - it just had a playful saying. That's all. :) Anyhoo, Chloe somehow found it, proceeded to write her name in it, place it back in the envelope, and hand it back to Neil, saying, "Here Daddy! This is for you!" Her innocence at having not a clue what the card said is obviously what made this story so hilarious. And until Neil opened the card, he thought it really was from Chloe. Oh, if she only knew...

To say this girl is a social butterfly would be a HUGE understatement! She is constantly greeting complete strangers whenever we're in public. I don't think we pass a single person ANYWHERE without her saying something to them. And regardless of whether or not they acknowledge her, she'll just keep talking to them! If they say "Hi" back, she proceeds to ask them a question, or two, ...or three. If they ignore her or don't realize she's talking to them, she'll just keep saying "Hi!" louder and LOUDER until she's gotten their attention. I shouldn't be embarrassed, but often I am. I just don't understand why she has to talk to every single person she happens to see. Last night we were at the park and she walked right up to a man and asked, "Do you have a bathroom at your house?" After his response of, "Well, yes I do!" followed by a hearty chuckle, she informed him that we have 5 bathrooms at our house (which we don't, by the way). Some other commonly asked questions include, "What's your name?", "How old are you?" (everyone's personal favorite), "Are you a mom (or dad)?" and "Do you have kids?" Luckily most people flatter her just as enthusiastically as she approached them. And while I'll admit I'm glad she's friendly and social overall, sometimes I wish, for once, that I could just go to Walmart without having to converse with the entire store!


She continues to love her brother. We are constantly telling her to put him down, as she'll just drag him all over the place otherwise. He's a good sport, and remains good natured most of the time. And now that he's on the go, it's difficult to know how he got somewhere - whether it was his own doing or his sister's!



This was taken last week while the kiddos played in Chloe's room. Notice Chloe in her crown and princess dress. Might I add she was wearing her princess shoes too! If I ever gave her the option of wearing this attire to bed, she'd do it in a heart beat! Such a sophisticated little princess my Chloebug is!


Carrie said...

She is so cute! Miss little smarty pants with writing names, that is awesome! It just isn't clicking with Addie yet. I love all the great things that kids say. Addie makes me laugh all the time with the things that come out of her mouth.

The Tait Family said...

She is such a crack up! I love it! Such personality. Her and Lauren are so similar except Lauren calls "boobs", "bobs"! These little girls are too advanced in their thought processes!! It can be both challenging and absolutely hysterical.

Jen said...

You take beautiful pictures. I'll have to have you take some pics of my kids sometime!!

The Barton Family said...

What a cute post! I laughed a lot! Aren't you glad your kids have tons of personality,some people have boring kids. By the way- I LOVE that picture at the top of your blog now! SO CUTE!!!

dayna said...

aw, i miss you! hope all is well.

Nells-Bells said...

i love your new blog set up! it is awesome. love this picture of them on the bed. so cute!!