Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Beethovens in the making

All right, Grandpa Roy and Grandma Jill - this one's for you!

Chloe was banging around on the piano as I was getting Ryan up from his nap this afternoon. Seeming more captivated than usual by the pings and pangs of the keys, I decided it was time for Ryan to give the piano a try. So I plopped him on the bench next to Chloe and away they went!





By the way, Mr. cute, smiley Beethoven boy is 7 months old today!


Anonymous said...

How cute! I love the pics!!

Gma Jill/Gpa Roy said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Could they possibly be more precious??? (Or could you???) What a wonderful post! You KNEW we would LOVE IT - you were SO right!!!

So glad you plopped Ryan down beside Chloe! So glad she was plinking/planking away in the first place. They look adorable sitting side-by-side. She's such a sweet little teacher....sweet big sister.

Of course it brought tears.
And Happy 7 months to Ryan darling.....
Thanks so much, honey.

Love love love,
Gma Jill & Gpa Roy

Jamie Lamb said...

Cute kids! Ryan will be a toddler before you know it. Love the pictures!

Wendy said...

Wonderful pictures! They look so happy!

Coates Family said...

I love it! I hope they are always so close.

stephschmidt said...

Oh how sweet - I love it! I love how in every picture you post of the 2 of them you can see how much Chloe loves Ryan :)

Binns Family said...

How cute, Ryan is sitting up so well!