Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wedding Festivities: Part 1

Last Wednesday, we had the privilege of witnessing and taking part in Neil's youngest brother, Brad's wedding in Tennessee. The trip was busy, but a refreshing break from the norm. We flew into Atlanta, drove straight to Nashville, and then onto Knoxville (Courtney's home town), before heading back to Atlanta, all in a three day span. It was wonderful seeing family and creating happy memories.

Here's part 1 of our trip:

Nashville Tennessee LDS temple. Beautiful.
{It poured down rain quite a bit of the morning, but the sun came out just in time for pictures.}

Here they are... Mr. and Mrs. Andersen!

Chloe was thee anything BUT camera-shy flower girl.

Grandpa Don and Grandma Jean with great grandchildren: Ryan, Chloe and Grant.
{Ryan and Grant are 23 days apart}

Flower girl giving the groom a "spanking." Not sure what he did to deserve that.

The boys holding the newest Andersen addition.

Grandpa David introducing Ryan to roses.

As you can see, Uncle Don had a little too much fun with Grant's irresistible cheeks!

And, oh, why not? Here's one of us.

Congratulations, newlyweds!
And Courtney, welcome to the family!


Jodi said...

Lovely pictures! Looked like a beautiful wedding.

Pat said...

Beautiful pictures! Chloe looks darling in her flower girl dress and I love the flowers in her hair! And Ryan looks so handsome in his cute little shirt and pants! He is getting so grown up! I LOVE the family picture of the four of you--you all look wonderful and so happy! Thanks so much for posting these and sharing with us so we could feel like we were there too.

Love you!

The Barton Family said...

They got some great pictures! Glad you all had fun. Chloe makes a cute flower girl- you can tell she had fun!

Mark + Courtney + Colby said...

hi valeri! I'm flatered that you think my pictures are good. I am very new at photography and mostly just figure it out as i go. I have a nikon d-40 and i usually use 50mm f/1.8 Other than that I just have the kit lense that came with it, so nothing special. As for clarity, I always try to take pictures in a room with lots of windows and open them all up so the light is shining on my baby. So that's about it. I wish I knew more, I'm still figuring things out. My sister-in-laws are pretty good, so they have taught me some stuff. I kind of wish I had a nikon d-90 or something a little better than mine, but for now it's good enough. I really like using the 50mm lense, you can get pics with a nice blurry background using f/2or3 and still have your subject in focus. Hope that helps. :) Oh and your babies are too cute!

Aunt Sue said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures - they are beautiful! What a great family we have and as always it's so fun to be together!

Rachael Jill said...

Beautiful Photos! Great job V!!

What a great trip! jealous!

Mama/Gma Jill said...

What a wonderful, happy time. Aunt Sue is so right - what a great family! You're so loved from all sides! All your photos are amazing. LOVE the one of the four of you...daughter and daddy dancing....Neil and Ryan (Ryan so intensely chewing - darling). Also Brad and Courtney (she's gorgeous). Love ALL the photos - and ALL the people! So happy to see all of this. Thanks so much. You're such a talented photographer.

Love love love,
Mama/Gma Jill