Monday, May 4, 2009


Wow, what a week! I've had lots to blog about but no free time! As much as I'd love to catch you all up, the little voice inside of me is saying "Sleep! Sleep!" We are heading to TN in the morning for Neil's brother's wedding. While I'm NOT looking forward to the travel portion of the trip, I AM looking forward to seeing Neil's family and relaxing in the warm southern sunshine! We will spend some of our time in TN and some in GA, where Neil's parents live. Should be a good time.

I'll try to catch up on blogging early next week when we are home and settled back into the swing of things. In the meantime, however, here are two bits of exciting news:

First, as you see below, Mr. Ryan is sitting up on his own! He's still not completely stable, but can sit for a few minutes at a time and is improving every day.

And Second.... drum roll please.... yes, that's carpet Ryan's sitting on... in our FINISHED BASEMENT! Woo hoo! 15 months of hard work has finally paid off. Props to my wonderful and handy husband, who truly created 2000 sq. ft. of pure beauty (and literally saved us thousands of dollars doing it all himself)!


More to come... Tomorrow is going to be early and long, so I need to get some rest!


Nells-Bells said...

congrats on the basement! i can't wait to see more pics. ryan is such a cutie!!

Stelene said...

YEA it's finished... can't wait to see it. Have fun on your trip :)

Carrie said...

Yay for the big boy! How exciting to have the basement done. Good for you guys! Have a safe trip!

Dawn Hudson said...

How nice it must be to have a handy husband. You must be so proud!! What an awesome amount of space you guys have created down there. Our whole house isn't even that much square footage. Though we are living in a military house so that isn't saying much!! Have a safe trip and can't wait to see all the pics and here about your wonderful adventures!! Drive Safe!

Mama/Gma Jill said...

Oohhh, darling sweet little Ryan. Look at that face. How adorable! Sure do miss him - and all of you!

AND: so amazing! Neil is soooooo amazing! Who else could have done that? Working in his shirt and tie every weekday, coming home to work on the basement - and on weekends - you're both to be greatly congratulated! You certainly did your part too :). Reminds me so much of my growing-up years, my handy dad building our entire basement. I still remember the dirt floor before he began, and the beautiful job after it was done. What a great sense of accomplishment you both should have. I'm so glad you've documented it along the way.

Thanks for calling after you landed yesterday :). So happy for a beautiful wedding today. I'll be there in spirit. Courtney will be a beautiful bride, and Chloe will be a darling little flower girl. Can hardly wait to see your pics.

Love love love to all,
Mama/Gma Jill

Wendy said...

Yay! The basement is done! That is great!