Monday, October 20, 2008

Birthdays and Baby Boys!

Today my brother celebrates 35 years! I love David for numerous reasons. He is sensitive and loving, hysterically funny, hard-working, incredibly talented, supportive, encouraging and always willing to offer advice or just a listening ear. From the time he met Neil, he's treated him like his own brother. And little Miss Chloe just thinks her Uncle D is the greatest! Wish we could celebrate your special day with a little Ahh Sushi! Believe me, I'm missing it these days. But I'm missing you a whole lot more!

Happy Happy Birthday, David!


And speaking of David's birthday (and birthdays in general), I also wanted to say a quick congrats to my two cousins, Misty and Heather who just became first time moms! Several months ago, I wrote
this post announcing their pregnancies. Heather was due today (on David's birthday), and Misty was just two days behind her. Neither made it to even mid-October, but both delivered healthy baby boys: Misty - 5 pound, 10 ounce James on September 29th; and Heather - 7 pound Jon Daniel on October 5th! I wish I had pictures of the babes, but since I don't, here's one of the two radiant mommies. I think it's appropriate that David - the birthday boy - be right in the middle. This was taken over the summer in my parents' backyard.

{L to R: Misty, David, Heather}

Congrats to all! And yay for two more Halliday boys!



Anonymous said...

OK - you know the perfect way to bring tears to my grateful eyes. And how perfectly appropriate that as I'm seeing these photos of my beautiful first-born child, I'm hearing "Here Comes the Sun" - so perfect! He did bring the bright sunshine right along with him, precious guy! That last picture of him with the beautiful Misty and Heather encapsulates it all - look at those sunny faces! How can I explain how grateful I am for the magnitude of these great blessings?!

Not to mention my dear precious with-child baby girl (you!), and Neil, and Chloebug, and beautiful baby darling. Along with Dad, how could I be more blessed?

Happy Happy Birthday, dear David! Don't know how anyone could be more loved.

Love love love, and more love...
Mom/Mama/Gma Jill (and Dad/Papa/Gpa Roy too :)

stephschmidt said...

Happy Happy Birthday David! I hope you have an extra special birthday today! Maybe I'll get to see you again in a couple months at the family Christmas party :)

Wendy said...

Happy birthday to David! I hope his day was great!

Camille said...

Happy Birthday Cousin David!