Wednesday, October 15, 2008

From the mouth of Chloe...

I could fill an entire notepad with the hilarious things my daughter comes up with. Here's the latest:

  • "I'm 2 1/2, Daddy's 29, and you're 64!" (talk about robbing the cradle!)

  • While observing my obvious frustration with an uncooperative cd drive, Chloe sweetly asked, "Is it not uploading?"

  • "That's good spicy cheese! But it's REALLY spicy!"

  • During my parent's recent visit, Chloe and grandpa were having a conversation. After a comment by grandpa about something inconsequential, Chloe said, "Well I'm sorry, but I just don't know what to say about that."

  • "I'm sick of tired!"

  • Twenty or so minutes after being reprimanded for helping herself to gum without permission:
    "I'm sorry!"
    Valeri: "For what?"
    Chloe: "For getting white gum. I was mad at you."

  • "Daddy, I want to ask you a question! This brokeded and you need to fix it!"

  • Absolutely out of the blue while walking through Walmart, "Mommy, are you fat?"

  • Valeri: "Do you want a fork or a spoon?"
    Chloe: "I need a fork, because the spoon isn't workin' very well."

  • "Does Mary Poppins have a gorilla?" (meaning "umbrella”)

  • Shortly after Neil arrived home from work one day,
    Chloe: "Go change clothes!"
    Chloe: "'Cause I don't trust you!"

  • “Daddy, you are NOT my mother! My MOMMY is my mother!”

  • "Look Mommy, I'm dancing my feet!"

We sure do love our Chloebug. Sweetness, sass and all!



Jodi said...

She's a sweet little girl! Maybe she'll grow up to be a comedian! :)

The Tait Family said...

So cute! You are so good to write them all down. I need to be better about that. And to answer your question about getting your pics need to upload them thru photobucket. You can change the size there. Then you copy the html code and paste it in your post. Make sense?

Carrie said...

That is so funny! I love the cute things kids fun...thanks for sharing!

The Barton Family said...

Good job for writing those all down! Two is a fun age.

Wendy said...

Very cute! Kids always say the funniest things!

Anonymous said...

Ah..precious Chloe. WHY can I not just grab you outta there???!!! You're precious BEYOND words!!!

You too, Mom Valeri!

Love love love,
Mama/Gma Jill

Camille said...

Soooooo funny! I love the "I don't trust you" comment the best. :)