Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin patch paradise

Today Chloe and I spent our afternoon at a pumpkin patch in Pueblo. It wasn't all that spectacular, but Chloe had a blast, and that's the important thing. Whether it was running from one pumpkin to the next, chasing her own shadow or pointing out the various bugs on the ground, she was the happy, giggly Chloe I know and love. It's so easy to feel happy when she's happy. Perhaps I'm going overboard on the pictures - okay, I AM going overboard on the pictures, but I can't help myself. Call me biased if you will, but this girl is just too precious and photogenic for words.

pumpkin patch 1
Not two seconds after approaching the vast display of pumpkins, Chloe picked this one up. Even though it isn't the one she went home with, I had to snatch a picture.

pumpkin patch 2
So many choices...






No hayride was offered (lame), but we still managed to sneak a picture on the tractor.

And here's the pumpkin Chloe chose. She tried lifting it, but quickly realized it was a more appropriate task for Mom.

On our way out, Chloe spotted a litter of kitties and had to stop and say hello. I think they were just as fond of her as she was of them. When I told her it was time to leave, you would have thought Santa had died. I ended up having to drag her to the car, literally. This girl loves kitties! Too bad Daddy hates them!

Speaking of daddy, guess who just happened to be working in Pueblo today? As we were leaving the pumpkin patch, Neil was finishing a lunch appointment and had a free minute. We met up, and after Chloe had a chance to show him her new pumpkin (which she demanded to hold on her lap), we tagged along with him to a couple doctors' offices. Chloe immediately stole the hearts of many, and was quite spoiled during the twenty or so minutes we socialized with various nurses and other staff members. Chloe left the last office with a HUGE sugar cookie and two stickers! Definitely made for a pleasant drive home.

It was such a fun and carefree day, and one I won't forget. Sometimes it's these simple things that I need to relax a bit and not feel so caught up in the chaos of life.


Rebekah said...

She is so cute and looked like she just had the whole world to herself!! Those pictures are great!!

Anonymous said...

How cute is she! I love the picture of her walking down the path with all the pumpkins on each side. We are going to go get our pumpkin this weekend, I'm super excited. Did you go to the Happy Apple Farm? That is where my sister takes her kids. They love it.

The Tait Family said...

LOVE the pictures you took! She is very photogenic and SUPER cute! It looks like you figured out how to make your pics big. Isn't it fun?!

Valeri said...

Yes, thank you, Stacy!! I've been trying to figure out to make my pictures bigger for months now! It's so easy and makes such a difference. Wish I'd known sooner. :)

Anonymous said...

Whoooaaa!!! Those are WONDERFUL! Big or small, the pictures are all gorgeous and precious. (Dad thinks so too - he smiled and smiled. :) I'm glad you did learn to make them bigger though - it's wonderful to see even MORE of Chloebug, and that spectacular scenery. I'm SO glad you took the time to do this, for both your sakes - ALL your sakes - since you could meet up with Neil too. Love that photo! What a wonderful day!!!

We are so happy and grateful that you have this blog! You've such a talent for everything about it. And it makes us feel a little closer - almost (almost!...kinda...a little bit) like being there.

May the treasures continue...
Love you so!
Mama/Gma Jill (and Gpa Roy too)

Cristi said...

Isn't fall the best?!

The Goulds said...

I love it! It is so hard for us to prepare for Halloween, like we have trunk or treat this weekend but it was 97 on Monday...weird. She is too cute.
By the way I love the first song on your list. We've talked about this numerous times but music is so powerful & it was so good to hear that song. Today I just played with the girls. We didn't go anywhere. I played house with them & we pretended to make sand castles using my shoes as the shovels. It was an ordinary miracle, but the greatest moments that I will treasure forever.

Rachel said...

Chloe is too cute for words! I love all the pics; you'll have to let me in on the "big picture trick" and email me. I'm glad you had such a special day with your sweet girl.

Ken and Amy said...

I'm glad you found a pumpkin patch. Sorry no hayride, but hey they had lots of pumpkins to choose from...that's all the matters, right?!

Wendy said...

How fun! We also took Chase to a pumpkin patch this week but since I've been so consumed with reading the Twilight books I haven't quite gotten around to posting anything. How did you get the pictures so big? They look great.

Paula said...

That is so cute. Great pictures! I love fall

Camille said...

No, you can't take too many photos of such a cute little girl.

Roberts Family Blog said...

We MISS you guys!!! How fun would have been to go to that pumpkin patch with you! Chloe is just adorable, as usual. Every once and a while, Brett and i wll be talking about you guys, and Syd will as, "You talkin 'bout "Cwoe?"
Awesome pictures.