Thursday, April 17, 2008

"What's this, Mommy?"

In an attempt to keep the middle of our week as exciting as the beginning of our week, I decided an afternoon of baking might be fun (by 3:00 it'd started snowing, so I was limited to indoor activities only). After filling the bread machine with dough ingredients, I whipped out my chocolate chip cookies recipe. To the left you can see Chloe patting the freshly kneaded dough. She first saw me doing it then demanded to finish the job herself.

This little girl of mine is so busy, so easily entertained (by the simplest and stupidest things), so determined to be a part of everything, and oh so independent! It was quite entertaining (and, I'll admit, a little frustrating too at times) having her around yesterday. Here's how one of our conversations went:

Chloe: (rummaging through a kitchen drawer) What's this, Mommy?

Me: That's a baster!

Chloe: Oh, a baster?

Mom: Yep, a baster.

Chloe: Ohhh, okay! (as if knowing the name of the object really meant anything since she still hadn't a clue what its purpose was)

...2.5 seconds later...

Chloe: What's this, Mommy? (holding up yet another object from the drawer)

Me: That's a can opener!

Chloe: Oh, a can opener! (after examining it closely, she placed it back in the drawer)

...3 seconds later...

Chloe: What's this, Mom?

Me: That's a mixing cup!

Chloe: What's this?
(holding up the mixing cup again)

Me: I just told you, it's a mixing cup!

Chloe: Oh, a mixing cup? (seeming astonished, as if she'd never seen anything so incredible in her entire life. Just then she spotted the cookie dough in the bowl I'd been mixing together)

Chloe: Let me have that!!!

Me: I'm sorry, but that is not how we ask for something. Try again.

Chloe: May please have that? (hands clasped behind her back, as if that was going to help her chances)

Me: That's better (spooning up a small bite of cookie dough for her)

...about 40 seconds passed before she was asking for more... then as soon as she realized she wasn't getting more until the cookies were baked she decided she needed to go potty and raced off.

The constant questions sometimes get on my nerves, but then when I reflect back on a day like the one we had yesterday, I just have to smile at how lucky I am to have a daughter who asks questions and who wants so much to learn all there is to know!
And a bit off the subject, here is proof that Colorado weather is retarded! Only 24 hours prior to this picture being taken, Chloe was splashin' around in this very pool, enjoying temperatures in the high 70s! Insane...

Oh, and despite the length of time it took to get everything made, the cookies and dinner rolls turned out great! Thanks for your "help", Chloebug!


Paula said...

What a great day you two had. I love the conversation bit, so entertaining. Crazy snow huh. I still wore my summer clothes today, and my toes are frozen. Hee hee

Angie said...

I hope those rumors are true about this weekend being warmer too! :) Chloe looked so cute splashing around in her pool. It's funny how at this age, it's always "What's that Mommy?" I guess it's their turn now to ask the questions.

Anonymous said...

That is too cute...Addie has been wanting to help cook anything with me also. Sometimes it makes me crazy cause I feel that if I could just do it alone then I would make half the mess and get it done in half the time but I know that she loves to "help" and it's good bonding time..we are super excited to see you guys! Thanks for the feedback on the high chair question.

stephschmidt said...

What a fun day! I love how Chloe always loves to help - such a cute girl!

Camille Whiting said...

where's my cookies?

Anonymous said...

Bread maker????? Did I know about that?????

Fun fun fun! What a good idea for a snowy day! I can just smell the rolls. Photo.....conversations....precious. So like another little girl I know from somewhere in my past....:)

Love you all so much...
Mama/Gma Jill

You'd better send Camille her cookies :).

dayna said...

love this! it's funny how they move from the 'what's this?' phase to the 'why?' phase...i realize just how short my patience is!

Cristi said...

That's one reason why I don't miss Colorado. But I miss the mountains and of course YOU!

Mamamanya said...

Valeri, we had a great time tonight with you guys. Thanks so much for the YUMMY dinner...EVERYTHING was just scrumptious! You guys are just the best! We'll have to do it again soon :) Have a great night!

The Papin's said...

Hi Valeri,
So glad you had the Taylor Family over the other night for dinner. Manya said it was a great time with good friends. I'm so happy you and her are in Colorado together. You two are an inspiration to me and such wonderful Mothers to those precious little Angels. Love, Vicki

Wendy said...

I love how inquisitive their little minds are at this fun! Looks like you two have had some fun days together lately. Wish Chase and I could join you. :)

Becca said...

That colorado weather is insane! I remember thinking it was so unpredictable. It is hard to remember when those little darlings of ours ask 150 questions to be patient. I am not so good at that.

Natalie said...

Amen on the weather. We have had the same thing going on here! I can't wait until I get to the questions stage of toddler-hood. Looks like you guys had a fun day!