Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Play date and first haircut

Today was quite a busy day for Miss Chloe. First she spent a bit of the afternoon running wild at the park with her old friend, Addie, who moved to Arizona over a year ago, but came back to visit this week. Addie was born just three weeks after Chloe.

Then this evening Chloe had her first haircut! Okay, this was technically her second haircut, but only because she got a hold of the scissors back in January and snipped a few little wisps off the top of her head. I'll put it this way. Tonight Chloe had her first intentional haircut! And although you can hardly tell a difference, it DOES look more even and full in the back. Thanks again, Cindy!



Wendy said...

Such a cute girl! Give her hugs and kisses from me!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh.....darling little girl getting a haircut! Pictures are so cute. Yes, thanks, Cindy! And how was your haircut? Darling pictures of Chloe with Addie too! They're both beautiful. Tell Carrie hi (did Brian come?)

Fun fun and more fun!

Love you all,
Mama/Gma Jill

stephschmidt said...

Cute girls! It looks like Chloe even kinda liked having her hair cut :)

Camille Whiting said...

Rebecca's hair just BARELY outgrew the masacre that Teancum gave it a couple years ago - he cut some of it almost to the scalp. Now her hair is even again, and mostly normal, and starting to grow! Good thing Chloe only got a couple wisps with the scissors. :)

Paula said...

Yeah for haircuts. You look gorgeous darling. (read with an accent...not sure which one, just pick one) Hee hee.