Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Monday Night Fun!

Neil and I enjoyed quite an eventful Monday evening, without the little one. 3 words, folks: MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL! No, I'm not referring to a big screen tv in a friend's basement. Try in the presence of 75,000 other fans at the one and only Invesco Field at Mile High! It was the Packers at the Broncos, and as many of you know, we Broncos didn't quite live up to what a home team should. Just when it seemed we had a chance and tied up the game with only seconds left in the fourth quarter, the Packers ran it for a touchdown in the first play of overtime. Despite our loss, I wasn't too broken up. After all, I'm a forever Niners girl (don't remind me they've lost their last 5 games this season).

What made this game even better is that my brother, David and cousin, Heather and her husband, Scott all flew out (David from UT, Scott and Heather from CA) to join us (thank you again, S&H for the tickets).

In addition to starting his 264th consecutive game (including the playoffs), Brett Favre threw his 424th and 425th touchdown passes this game. To watch this guy, who is the only 3-time MVP in NFL history work his magic out on the field was pretty incredible stuff! Not that I'm a cheesehead, or ever will be, but you've really gotta give it to Favre! Especially with that last play of the game. Here are some shots I captured of him.

And here are some others...

It's been kind of a depressing week in general for Colorado professional sports. First the Rockies lose their fourth in a row to the Red Sox in the World Series, and now this?! Sheesh! Well Rockies, we're still behind you! And here's a picture to prove it (courtesy of David, taken on our drive home).

Though Chloe didn't get to see the players in person like we did, she did watch the game back at home and cheer the Broncos on! She's a sweet little football fan in the making, and can already say, "Go tigers!" when watching LSU games with Daddy.


Barry and Shannon said...

It looks like you were really close to the field or your camera can really zoom. That looked like a lot of fun!

Valeri said...

Good zoom, mostly. :) Neil also had a friend who happend to be at the game with seats 10 rows up from the 50 yard line. He and his dad let us go sit in their seats (and ooh and aww) for a few minutes during the 3rd quarter - that's when I got the shots of Favre.

Anonymous said...

How fun! Such great pictures - cutest little cheerleader ever. I'm so glad it worked out so all of you could go!
Love you all!
Mama Jill

Anonymous said...

Quite a display!

I called you today, sketch pad. How's the piano!?

Love you,