Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm not ready for this

Whether she learned it yesterday or just decided to start using it (to aggravate me), Chloe apparently has a new favorite word and made this crystal clear after about the eighteenth time of repeating it. “No” and “Mine” have been the top 2 words in her vocabulary for months. This all changed yesterday however, when I told her to put her shoes on so we could go to the store. Her response:


And then again, when she asked for Daddy and I explained he had to work late:


Oh, and let’s not forget last night when I reminded her for the fifteenth time that she needed to put her toys away and get ready for bed:

My response: “Because I said so!” Original, I know. Quick, any guesses to her next response?

Not only did she use this word on numerous occasions yesterday and even this morning (I was hoping it would only last a day), but each time it was accompanied with this cute little smirk that only Chloe can pull off, as if to say, “Sure you’re ready to rip your hair out. What’s your point Mommy?”

Aren’t they not supposed to discover this word until they’re like 4?


Twinkies said...

Oh how I hate that phase. Just start asking her "Why" and see where it goes from there.

cchrissyy said...

that's not so early, I remember Em started it right after 2. It was soon followed by "why not?" as an innocent yet stubborn reply to any request that she stop doing something.