Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Chase!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Chase, my very best friend and cousin's sweet little boy! I still remember so vividly 2 years ago this morning when Wendy called me from the hospital to announce Chase was here. I was at work, unable to concentrate on anything due to the anticipation of that phone call! I was 16 days away from delivering Chloe, and I still remember, despite the physical discomforts I was experiencing, how much joy and comfort that phone call brought me. He was a miracle baby, after all! And that same joy has only increased over these 2 years, as I've watched Chase grow and develop into the boy he is today!

Happy Birthday little man!


Anonymous said...

This made me cry. I've been thinking about dear little Chase all day (yesterday too - about that day two years ago), and to come here and find his sweet little self as a newborn brought tears. The recent picture is wonderful too. He will always be our little miracle. Thank you dear Valeri for this wonderful posting. Love you ALL!
Mama Jill

Anonymous said...

I must say this made me cry too! What a wonderful and thoughtful surprise, Valeri--it is so beautiful and touching and brings back so many memories of the past two years which have gone by so quickly! And then to see the two pictures (excellent choice!)--well, it's just overwhelming! You do a tremendous job with this blog, Valeri--it's absolutely wonderful, just like Chloe's website! I love every word of both of them, and the pictures really make them both come alive. You are an excellent writer and photographer and very creative! Thanks again for this wonderful surprise commemorating this special occasion for our family. Love to you and Neil and little Chloe, who will be turning two in just a few days herself. Give her a hug for me.
Aunt Pat

Anonymous said...

How sweet of you to post this! Now I'm going to be the third to say it made me cry! Can you even believe how fast these past two years have gone? In just a few days Chloe will also turn two! Thanks for this post - it means a lot to me!