Saturday, January 14, 2012

Curious, helping hands

Last night, as I was deseeding jalapenos, Ryan climbed onto the counter.  Normally such activity is discouraged, and both the kids know this.  But he showed such intense (and instantaneous) fascination in what was happening, that I simply couldn't bring myself to put him down. 

"Do we like this?" he asked, pointing to the jalapenos.

"Um, not the seeds.  They're spicy!  But the peppers themselves?  Yes, we like those!"

"Does Grandpa Roy like some? Your dad? Does he like some?"

Ryan knows Grandpa Roy likes spicy things, so of course he'd like jalapenos, right?  I told him to be sure and ask the next time they talked on the phone.  Ryan, now showing more interest in the sharp knife sitting in front of him, simply replied, "Okay." 

After "helping" me chop said jalapenos and transferring them to the pan, Ryan watched, from above, to ensure that our spaghetti sauce was cooking just right.

So glad I have my curious kitchen helper to keep my brain sharp and cooking in check.


Twinkies said...

You put jalapenos in your spaghetti sauce?

Valeri said...

Usually I use a combination of serranos and bell peppers, but I was out of both and had jalapenos in the fridge. They add a great flavor and mild punch - obviously more of a punch if you don't remove all the seeds.