Monday, April 13, 2009

Say it isn't so!

Dear Ryan,

Are you really 5 months? Really? Already? It just can't be! Why can't you stop time so I can enjoy your stages a wee bit longer? Work on that for me, would ya? In the meantime, here are some of the fun things you've been up to:

  • You were introduced to rice cereal on March 1st. I know you weren't quite 4 months yet, but I was looking for any possible solution to your horrible sleeping pattern! Did it work? Not one bit! But you did seem to enjoy the rice cereal! Since then you've tasted a variety of other foods. You sure make funny faces when you try new things. Your favorites seem to be applesauce and squash.

  • At your 4 month check up on March 16th, you weighed 14lbs., 8oz. (50th percentile for weight), and measured 25.75 in. (80th for height)! I'd be willing to bet that since then you've grown another 2 inches! You are my long skinny boy!


  • Around the time you hit the 4 month mark, you all at once discovered 3 things: your voice, your feet and your thumb! That's right, we've got a thumb sucker on our hands! And recently you seem to feel entitled to suck your thumb AND nurse at the same time! I'll have to say, Ryan, you've got it pretty good!

  • Anything that comes within view you try to grab. When you're successful you grasp it for dear life, examine it until you're practically cross-eyed, and then, without fail, put it in your mouth! EVERYTHING goes in your mouth these days. EVERYTHING!


  • You love to sing, especially in the early morning when the rest of the house sleeps. A few Saturdays ago, after a rather rough night of frequent wakings (which resulted in you spending the latter half of the night in our room), you woke up at 6:45 and for the next hour and a half, serenaded us with several different variations of "Ahhh...ahh..ahhhhhh..ah!" While Daddy and I generally prefer silence while we sleep, we couldn't help but smile as we lay in bed. And you were just content as could be in the pack 'n play, exercising your vocal cords and playing with your cute feet!

  • You absolutely love your sister and give her a warm smile each time she comes to give you a kiss or play. You laugh and laugh at her silliness (often times when I think she's being obnoxious, which makes me grateful), and are so patient when she gets a little rough. God was certainly thinking straight when he made you babies resilient!


  • You have been rolling from side to side for over a month now, but April 4th, you rolled from your back onto your stomach for the first time! Less than a minute passed before you realized you were stuck with your little arms underneath you. So of course you cried until I placed you on your back again. The following week you worked at it and finally, Friday, you rolled ALL THE WAY OVER (back to back). Unfortunately your head hit the leg of the coffee table on your final tumble, which resulted in tears! But I was so proud of you! You're getting so strong, and it's obvious you just want to take off! Changing your diaper has already become a challenge because you just won't hold still for me! Every time you're placed on your back, you immediately flip over onto your stomach. It's hilarious, and oh so cute!

  • You can sit up by yourself for about 4 seconds at a time before falling over. For some reason you always want to lean forward, which you're gradually learning doesn't help. You'll get there soon!


  • You are such a flirt, enjoying interaction with anyone willing to give you attention! When you get excited you squeal and kick your little legs a hundred miles an hour! You giggle and coo, and are just the sweetest little boy in the world! I love your chubby cheeks. I love your crystal clear blue eyes. I love your perfect round nose. I love your tiny toes that curl under. I love your soft whimper when you aren't happy. I love your hearty contagious laughter when you are happy. I love your chill personality. I love your sweet spirit. I love your grunting, growling and every other funny noise you make. I love that you recognize me as your mom, and that often, just seeing that I'm right there makes everything better.


    I sure adore being your mama! I have to admit I was terrified when Daddy told me you were a boy, but now I can't imagine life without a son! Keep learning, growing (but not too fast) and being the sweet little man you are! I love you, buddy.


    P.S. Here's a video clip I couldn't resist posting. {pause music to listen}

{Pictures courtesy of Rachael Pullman. Thank you again, Rachael! What do ya think of the editing? Not bad for a first timer, eh?}



Anonymous said...

Those pictures are awesome!! I love the video, you can't help but laugh right with him!

Roberts Family Blog said...

Adorable, adorable, adorable! What a cutie little Ryan is!!! Hope you guys enjoyed a nice Easter.

stephschmidt said...

Those pictures are incredible! What a darling little guy you have! Isn't it sad how fast the time goes?

emily zurcher said...

Hey Valeri! I absolutely love your blog. Those two kids are just the most adorable munchkins I've ever seen. It is obvious that you are a wonderful mother. These pics of Ryan are priceless:)

Wendy said...

I love the pictures and you captured some wonderful milestones. Great idea writing it to Ryan...

Camille said...

Those photos are absolutely beautiful. I love the post!