Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Conference weekend

I love General Conference weekend. For those of you not familiar, General Conference occurs the first weekends in April and October. Rather than attending our normal Sunday church meetings, we listen to or watch via satellite the leaders of our church give its members instruction and guidance. I love it for a variety of reasons. First, it's a break from the norm (8:30am church and 2 small children - need I say more?). Next, there's always great food to munch on, and usually more than we could ever eat! The best part of Conference, however, is the spiritual rejuvenation I gain after each session. As always, the talks this Conference were uplifting, comforting and truly inspired. I was especially touched by Robert D. Hale's message about living within our means, Jeffrey R. Holland's message that we never walk alone, and President Thomas S. Monson's reminder that while we sometimes have it rough, it could always be worse. Ain't it the truth?

During Saturday morning's session, Neil L. Andersen was named a new Apostle
. To clarify, my husband is in no way related to this man. It's simply a coincidence that they share the same first and last name (spelling and all). Lots of people had fun with this, congratulating Neil on his "new calling". It was funny at first, but got old fast. Still, it is a pretty cool honor to share a name with an Apostle. Elder Andersen seems like a wonderful man who will teach us many things in years to come.


Like every other Conference weekend, we did not lack in the food department! For the last couple years, we've spent Sunday's sessions with our friends,
Dan and Stef. And without fail, we've always planned for and prepared way more food than we'd ever eat, including last weekend! Hey, better to have too much than not enough, right? :)


Chloe is beginning to grasp just a tinge of what General Conference is about. I pointed President Monson out a handful of times so she'd begin to recognize him, but it got to the point where she thought everyone who stood at the pulpit was President Monson. :) She did recognize the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, who both she and I love. Can't blame us girls. Who wouldn't want the sound of angels serenading their home?


Hope you all had a relaxing weekend. Until October...


The Barton Family said...

We enjoyed Conference too- although I don't think our food looked as yummy. I am trying your orange chip chicken this week!

The Goulds said...

1) I wish I could have been there to eat your food
2) So were you annoyed by the time I texted you about Neil ha ha
3) I really enjoyed conference this time, not only for the amazing talks that gave me hope in this crazy world but for the way my children loved it to. They watched almost all 4 hours and used their packet to color the ties & play bingo. It was great & I'm so thankful I have a chance to raise my children in the gospel.

ps when we come to visit will you make us those crepes (I can't spell) and that yummy salad..there is no Valeri cooker here in AZ :)

Valeri said...

April, you crack me up. You were actually the first to mention Neil's new calling, so yes, it was still funny at that point. By the time Priesthood session rolled around Saturday night, Neil just got tired of hearing the same old thing... :)

OF COURSE I'll make crepes and salad when you guys come! You just made my day! Thank you!

Cristi said...

i love conference, too! that's really funny about neil!

Mama/Gma Jill said...

How beautiful! Loved your description of wonderful conference and so agree that the talks were rejuvenating and hope-filled. A good shot-in-the-arm to keep us going for another six months.

All the food looks soooo inviting! Wish we could be there for leftovers. How fun that you get together with Dan and Stef each conference.

OK - that photo of the darlings watching Pres. Monson should be in Ensign. I'm serious. I can't get over it - it's beyond expression. How precious!!! (there- I tried anyway :).

Thanks so much for this wonderful post! Love you all so much!

Mama/Gma Jill

Nells-Bells said...

elder andersen is from logan. awesome, eh? i too love conference weekend. i just wish i could've been with you guys and celebrated with all that food too! my goodness. looks so good. you will have to post each recipe on here!

brittanyc said...

I love that picture of the two kiddos snuggled in front of the prophet.
And dangit! I want to eat like that on conference Sunday!!

brittanyc said...

I love that picture of the two kiddos snuggled in front of the prophet.
And dangit! I want to eat like that on conference Sunday!!