Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter festivities

Here are some pictures highlighting our Easter week!

Hunting Easter eggs at the park

Evaluating the goods

Saturday Chloe went to an Easter party at church, did another egg hunt and made some cute crafts. I didn't get any pictures, but she seemed to have a great time.

Here's Ryan on Easter morning.
Don't worry, buddy, you weren't the only one disappointed by the blizzard.

This was taken right when we got home from church. What a joke! Don't get me wrong, I love snow. But in the middle of April? And on Easter? Come on! Where's the sunshine and tulips? When we left church, it was snowing sideways and by the time I got the kids buckled into their car seats and brushed off the wind shield (with Ryan's blanket, I might add, since I had no other option), we were soaking wet! Good times.

Chloe opening a gift from Grandma Jill

And Ryan opening his...

Easter kisses from sister

Apparently hunting eggs never gets old...


Ryan observing...

My babies

This girl loves her brother. There's no doubt about it!

Daddy letting Chloe beat her in her first game of Candy Land. Thanks, Mr. Easter Bunny!

The last two years I've had every intention of coloring eggs with Chloe, and somehow it's just never happened. Maybe next year I'll get my act together. Neil's sister, Lori and Jared drove down for Easter dinner and we enjoyed a relaxing evening together. Hope your Easter week was great too!


The Goulds said...

Very cute & although you were disappointed with the snow I LOVED seeing the pictures & wished I was there. We had a beautiful day I will admit, sunshine & 70's..but the heat is coming. High of 88 tomorrow. Your pics are cute. Zhara loves candyland & my girls don't get tired of eggs fact we hunted for them again for FHE tonight! How do you get your pictures to be so big??

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of Chloe and Ryan together. What a bummer about the blizzard. It has been snowing today in Ut and I have felt the same way!

I hope you had a happy Easter weekend. It sounds like you did1

Nells-Bells said...

LOVE chloe's purple sunglasses!! super cute. i truly feel the way ryan has been snowing here today. luckily it didn't snow on easter sunday but still, why now?! this too will pass... ;)

Cristi said...

see, like I said, you need to move back to cali!

Wendy said...

We've had the snow this week too...ugh. Despite the snow it looks like Chloe (and Ryan) had a great Easter! Chase loves to play CandyLand at his grandma's house. Too bad they can't play it together.

stephschmidt said...

What darling pictures! You can tell how much Ryan just loves his big sister (and vice versa :) ). What a fun Easter!

Dawn Hudson said...

I love Ryan's crying face. Its so sad it makes me smile. ;) Poor guy. Looks like you guys had a great Easter.

Pat said...

I remember one Easter morning when we got up to snow too and lots of it and it was a total surprise! The day before had been so warm and sunny and we just weren't expecting it! Chloe's Easter dress is so pretty! And what fun Easter surprises from their grandma!