Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The latest with us...

My mom flew in from Salt Lake last Monday and was here until Saturday. She helped out so much with Chloe, gave me a piano lesson, allowed Neil and me a relaxing evening out Friday, and spoiled her grand daughter absolutely rotten! Wednesday we celebrated her birthday with a surprise ultrasound that had been priorly arranged, a fun lunch date, and key lime pie to finish the day off.

Just one example of how this child was spoiled!

It's my understanding that you're supposed to pay for the doughnuts before you eat them! Way to set an example, Grandma Jill!

The ultrasound was awesome, and boy was the baby showing off for Grandma - jumping, waving, and kicking. S/he measured two more days ahead of schedule from last time. Guess it just shows we've got a healthy growing baby in there! You can certainly tell by looking at my bump.

At one point the technician asked if we wanted to know the baby's gender. When I asked if she could detect it this early she said she often can. Pretty impressive for being only 12 weeks along! Though the thought crossed my mind, I knew Neil would K-I-L-L me. Not only would he be disappointed if I found out without him, but we've decided, once again, that we are going to let this one be a surprise. Sorry guys! You're just gonna have to wait! If it's any consolation to you though, my gut says boy, WHICH MEANS we are having a girl! We learned with Chloe that my "mother's intuition" is non-existent (I swore she was a boy up until the moment she was born)!

Look at that long skinny leg and perfectly formed foot! Must take after his mama.

Okay, okay. Enough baby talk. Here's what Neil's been up to.

*560 two-by-fours: $1,120
*David's truck to carry the two-by-fours: 5 home cooked meals
*5,000 nails: $70
*9 Saturdays (and a handful of evenings) full of measuring, nailing, drilling, sawing, and countless trips to Home Depot: a tired husband and a flustered, yet grateful wife
*A 2,000 sq. ft. basement fully framed without ANY hired help: PRICELESS!

My husband is amazing! He has worked so hard these last several weeks, and it is really paying off. We are currently having air conditioning and a humidifier installed. The next step will be plumbing and electric. Then onto the drywall, mud and texturing phase. Our goal is to have the basement finished by the Fall, mostly so we can accommodate family when the munchkin arrives. Here are some more pictures that have been taken throughout the process.

And finally, since this post isn't random enough, here's how I found Chloe yesterday morning. Apparently she needed a band aid, but couldn't decide which one to use so thought she'd try them all out. Gotta love this stage.



Camille Whiting said...

Isn't it great to have a husband who knows how to do home projects?!? Your basement looks great so far. If he gets bored, you can send your hubby over to Lander and I'm sure James and I could put him to work on a project around here.
We didn't find out what gender our babies were until I was pregnant with Rebecca. That time I decided I'd better find out because I knew I would be sad if it was another boy and I wanted to be prepared (not that I don't love all of my boys, of course!).

Becca said...

WOW!! How wonderful to be able to see that little baby and know that all is going well in there. I am proud of you for not finding out. We haven't found out on any of our four. It's the only way to go.

Neil is the man, it sure is nice to have a handy husband, huh? That finished basement will be a wonderful addition to your home.

stephschmidt said...

Wow, your basement is looking great! How nice it will be to have all that extra room! I'm so happy to hear that the babies doing well, and what a fun time I'm sure you and Chloe have had with fun Grandma Jill! Aren't grandmas the greatest? Dallin is obsessed with bandaids too. He loves them and runs to get them anytime anything happens to anyone :)

Wendy said...

The basement is looking awesome! Good job, Neil! That will be so nice when it's finally done.

And, again, how nice that your mom was able to spend time with you all and see the ultrasound of her newest grandbaby. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, it was my birthday! King Soopers would understand - don't you think? We'll be laughing at those donuts for a long time. How did you enjoy yours? :)

Thanks again for the amazingly wonderful and blessed ultrasound! Yes he/she is your baby all right!

Wonderful Neil - amazing work in the basement. What a guy!

Gotta get Chloe some more bandaids.

Thanks again for everything! Love you all sooooo much! Miss you already.....
Mama/Gma Jill

brittanyc said...

That is the greatest ultrasound photo I have ever seen! What a shot! I bet your mom was thrilled to see that little baby wiggling all around (and stretching out those legs).
Love the pictures of the basement. Isn't it a great feeling to be getting that done? You'll love it.

Paula said...

Yeah, fun basement. You've made some great progress...not that I saw it before...but from the pics. Love your cute belly. I want a cute belly like that...well, I want my birthmom to have a cute belly like that. Gotta love Grandmas.