Monday, May 19, 2008

I've been tagged...

Wendy tagged me (like a week ago), so here goes!

My Random Three's

1. Being married to my best friend and knowing we're equally committed.

2. Being a mother and being pregnant.

3. Music and dance, two things that have always inspired me.

1. Something terrible happening to Neil, Chloe or another close family member.

2. More of a phobia: big spiders and bugs (HATE THEM ALL) and still jump like a little girl every time I see one.

3. A house fire or some other crazy accident that could result in the loss of a loved one, important possessions, or our home.

1. To be a more patient person.

2. To learn to play the piano WELL.

3. To obtain my Bachelor's degree.

1. I have managed to hang onto old family photos (going back to my parents' childhood years), every single letter and card Neil and I have ever exchanged, cards from baby showers and other keepsakes for Chloe, etc. Now if I could just transfer all of these valuables from boxes into cute scrapbooks... HA!!

2. I am a perfectionist and hate it! I have no problem starting a project, but often the thought of finishing it overwhelms me because I'm afraid it won't be good enough. This can be as simple as hanging pictures on the wall or as complex as completing a scrapbook or some other craft project.

3. The closest thing to a "collection" I have are Willow Tree figurines. I've acquired several over the years and LOVE them, but have never intentionally "collected" them.

I am fascinated with the city of New Orleans; the music, architecture, culture (voodoo, which I really know nothing about), creole and cajun food, the people, their "yat" dialects, and the cemeteries with above-ground tombs. Some of my favorite movies take place in the south, and what I've seen of it myself I have loved. But for some reason there's something extra appealing about New Orleans. Neil is going there next month on business, and I'm jealous.

2. This one may change your opinion of me forever! Oh well, here goes... I love twisted and disturbing crime shows/movies and stories, even if they give me the worst nightmares. Ted Bundy and all those other crazy serial killers who took crime to the next level absolutely terrify me, but at the same time I can never seem to get enough of them, whether it's reading a detailed article or description of just what they did, or watching some random documentary. Even the thought of touring a prison, especially with death row inmates totally fascinates me, though I'd never actually have the guts to do it, or the opportunity, I'm sure. And while I'm spilling the beans, I'm also totally fascinated with corpses and the autopsy process, etc. We had some good friends in college (Brad and Maria) who lived above a mortuary (weird, I know), and I remember going down to the office with Maria one day (they did some work for the mortuary, which lowered their rent) and walking by gurneys holding dead bodies, and also walking by the room where they performed autopsies and the embalming procedures, and seeing a couple bodies laying on the exam tables. TOTALLY creeped me out, but at the same time my twisted mind wanted to see more! I'm whacked out, I know.

3. On a much lighter note, I am addicted to the Discovery Health channel. The miracle of life, the human body and the doctors and scientists who have found solutions to the most mysterious medical questions just amaze me. I especially love the shows about labor and delivery, but could be content watching just about anything else the channel offers.

I tag: all my cousins - you know who you are!


Anonymous said...

I love how honest you are. Lots of people would be afraid (or maybe reluctant is a better word) to talk about their fascination with such things as... See? I don't even want to write the word "corpse." But I'm not worried about you....I love how you ended with something so life-affirming in the beautiful words you chose.

I think you're just perfect!

Love you so...

Stephanie said...

WHAT?? You LIKE creepy things like scary stories and dead bodies? Wow, I do see you in a totally new like! Just kidding, I really don't, but I must say it is an interesting fact about you :) You loving New Orleans reminds me of your big brother :)

Valeri said...

Okay, I really hope I haven't freaked anyone out. It isn't like I fantasize about twisted crime or dead bodies. I've just always been curious about that kind of stuff. That's all! Maybe down the road when my kids are grown and I go back to work I could put that curiosity to use and find a job in the crime field.

Really guys, I am normal! :)

The Papin's said...

You are sooooo creative, I just love seeing your family and reading about them in your blogspot. love, Vicki

Paula said...

I am right there with you girl. I would love to have been a forensic scientist. That stuff fascinates me. We can be CSI's together. Fun getting to know you better. Yummy food, by the way. That is one thing I am not good at or enjoy for that

Wendy said...

I am also addicted to the Discovery Health Channel and am so fascinated by everything about the body. I especially love the Mystery Diagnosis show. The Birth Day, Deliver Me, etc. shows are great, also. I can totally see us watching those together...remember A Baby Story? I still watch it every once in a while... :)

Nells-Bells said...

I love your new background! It was fun to read your tag and get to know you better. :)

Natalie said...

I too like stories about killers!!!I don't know if I am as into it as you though. J/K I think it fasinates a lot of people or there wouldn't be so many shows about it on TV. So don't worry it didn't change what I think about you.:)

Camille said...

So what are the rules for that? Just use the format you did? I've never been tagged before. I assume it doesn't involve running? Well, as long as it doesn't involve cooking I can probably do it.

Pat said...

I thought your fascination with the creepy things was interesting too, and I also like watching "Forensic Files" and some of those crime-solving shows. By the way, you probably didn't know that Ted Bundy used to live in our ward (can you believe that?!) and also that Craig's grandpa was a mortician, so Craig sometimes visited him down at Deseret Mortuary where he embalmed people when he (Craig, not his grandpa!) was a little boy. Isn't that interesting?

Love your blog!