Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Just one reason I'm grateful for Neil

Chloe is so funny when it comes to sleep. Some nights she'll hop right into bed and fall asleep in an instant, giving us no trouble. Other nights she tests and tests, finding any excuse possible to stay out of bed (no matter how unreasonable) until Neil has to finally go in and work his "scary voice" magic. On the occasional nights that this is necessary, one visit to Chloe's bedroom usually does the trick.

Well last night Neil had a dinner program, and apparently Chloe recognized this. I don't think I've ever seen such a stubborn side of her. As bedtime approached we did all the usual things - brushed teeth, read four books, went potty, sang, turned her fake aquarium on and off three or four times. I even let her stay up until 9! Despite my efforts to fill in for "scary voice", however, nothing phased this girl. She probably got up eight or nine times over the next two hours. And when all other forms of discipline had failed and I resorted to a swat on the bum, there she stood in the hallway less than fifteen minutes later wearing no diaper and her pajama pants on inside out. When 10:30 rolled around it appeared she'd finally zonked out, so I proceeded to the shower when Neil called to say he was on his way home (poor guy). As I started to explain the events of our lovely evening, I suddenly heard the pitter patter of little feet racing toward our bedroom. And only a second later there was Chloe, standing in our doorway, cheerfully exclaiming that she was "awake!" That's when it dawned on me that she just wanted to see her daddy. Neil had left for work that morning before she was up, and in between work and his dinner program (when he was home briefly) Chloe was napping. Considering this, along with the fact that Neil would be home momentarily, I figured why not let her stay up to see him. It was already so far past her bedtime - what was another ten minutes? So while I showered, my two-year-old danced around the bathroom like a maniac, absolutely wired! It was as if she'd been drinking Red Bull all night.

Neil walked in the door just before 11 and you would have thought it was Christmas! Chloe was absolutely ecstatic to see her father. The two chit chatted a few minutes before Neil successfully tucked her in (for good, I might add) at 11:15. She gave him no trouble - not even an ounce - go figure! And as I layed in bed thinking, "how did he do that?", a bigger part of me thought, "gosh, I'm grateful for a husband who knows just when I've had it. I'm grateful Chloe has both a mother and a father. And most of all, I'm grateful that Chloe loves this father of hers so much that she'll endure the wrath of a tired and impatient mother just so she can kiss him goodnight." As I started to doze off another thought crossed my mind: "Chloe's sure to sleep in tomorrow morning.. how nice that will be.."

Well, I was up with her twice in the night and she was wide awake at 7:40 this morning. Since when do toddlers not need sleep? Needless to say, I think we'll both be dozing off this afternoon.


Becca said...

sometimes those little kids can be so stubborn, it's very sweet that she just wanted to kiss her daddy!

Mamamanya said...

That is soo cute!!! Although it is a pain when they won't go to sleep...boy, I know exactly how that can be. Celestia had a similar night last night!!! Her excuse every time is said in a really sweet, quiet voice...., "I'm having a hard time." Then she proceeds to say she's hungry, cold, thirsty, needs this or that, etc, etc... You've Gotta LOVE EM!!!

Mamamanya said...

p.s. I'm so glad the chicken turned out...YUMMY!!!

Anonymous said...

That's about the sweetest thing ever. Bless both of them - and you. Darling little thing....just waiting for Daddy.

Love love love,