Friday, March 21, 2008


We've been working on potty training for two and a half months now. I'd say Chloe's been ready the majority of that time, but there's always been a reason for putting it off (whether legitimate or lame). Well this week we finally got down to business, and our efforts paid off almost immediately! I have to give Grandma Susie most of the credit as she really got the ball rolling on Monday (while we skied and she watched Chloe). Each day has shown improvement, and yesterday Chloe had NO accidents at all! And that includes an afternoon of running errands - we became acquainted with quite a few public restrooms! To top it all off, she initiated going potty first thing this morning, and when we removed her pull-up, it was completely dry! I had planned to give her an oreo if she stayed dry all night (that's what she gets when she poops on the potty), but decided this was a HUGE milestone which deserved something much more special. So I dug through her Easter basket stash and decided on this!

Okay so you really can't even see what it is, but we'll just say Chloe ate a chocolate bunny for breakfast! Way to go little girl! You've got a proud mommy today!



Paula said...

Yeah for Chloe...good job. That's awesome. And to get a chocolate egg...yummy. I love the videos of her singing. She can sing for Kya, she loves these songs. What a fun day skiing for you. Where did you go?

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome!! Addie was doing really good for a while but not so much anymore. I'm going to try to get her interested again here soon..

Anonymous said...

Wonderful wonderful, little Chloe!!! And congrats to Gma Susie too!

I'll bet that chocolate breakfast was yummy.

Love you all....
Mama/Gma Jill

Wendy said...

Good job Chloe! Now you can come over here and help me train Chase! ha ha

Dan and Ang said...

Cute Chloe! Congrats! I've seen with my brothers and sisters how hard that is, and I bet you're relieved she's doing so well!