Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Temple with the girls

Living in Ripon has had its ups and its downs.  Among the ups and surely at the top of that list has been the many sweet friends I've made.  On the 1st of February, I had the opportunity to go to the Oakland temple with Misty and Lorilee.  It was very last minute, and required some juggling with the kids, but all three of us felt a strong urge to go, and so we made it happen.  I am so glad we did.
{Not a bad shot, considering we propped Misty's camera on the fountain and set the timer.}

My heart was particularly full that morning, and I entered the temple with a prayer that I might leave with greater clarity and peace about a couple specific things that had been troubling me.  Sometimes the Lord's timing is just incredible.  I say that because I had an experience as we were leaving that provided me that peace and at least a level of understanding I'd been seeking.

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to attend the temple.  And I am so grateful for the many friends I have, both near and far, who lift me up every single day.  Without these things, I'd be hopeless.

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