Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shirley Temple and Mr. Grumpy Pants

Today we put curlers in Chloe's hair before church. I had planned to keep her hair down, and maybe stick a little clip in or something. That is until I removed the curlers and discovered how well her hair had taken to them! As Chloe put it, her hair was "CRAZY!" The curls were so concentrated and intense, that she looked as though she'd been electrocuted. To dull it down, we resorted to pigtails (much to her dismay).

Well, she looked so darn cute that I had to grab the camera.

And since Ryan didn't like the idea of staying inside the house by himself, even for the short 45 seconds little Miss Temple and I stood on the front porch to snap a shot, he decided to join in.

He'd just awakened from a nap. That was his excuse.

I love my children, grumpiness and all!


Mama/Gma Jill said...

Aww......she looks adorable (and so does Ryan :).
How fun! Curlers! (Remember when we tried that? I think they ended up in pigtails then too - curly pigtails - so darling. She's so much more grown-up now though, of course :). As your Gma Butterfield would say, "What a little doll!" What a couple of little dolls!

I'm soooo glad you did that! You're an adorable mom.

Love love love,
Gma Jill

Mama/Gma Jill said...

P.S. I'm still laughing at "electrocuted" !!! That's hilarious! Oh she looks soooooo cute! (And again, so does Ryan. Just want to grab them both!)

Rebekah said...

too cute!!! i love the dress chloe is wearing! where did you find it?

Valeri said...

Thanks! Rebekah - it is darling, huh? It's from DownEast Basics. It's a clothing store in UT. It was a birthday present from Grandma. :)

The Papin's said...

You're picture of the kids is adorable! Chloe's dress is too cute! love you, Vicki

Nells-Bells said...

i too love chloe's dress and hair! i also love the expression on ryan's face. such a perfect moment captured!
p.s. i am catching up on your blog and loving everything.

Wendy said...

Too darn cute!!