Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random rambles...

My blog is gathering dust. Sad, but true. I used to be such an faithful blogger, but it seems, at the end of the day, when all other responsibilities have been met (or haven't), the last thing I feel like doing is sitting down to form an eloquent and witty post.

The time I would normally be spending here, I've been dedicating to Photoshop. Since I finally made the jump from Elements, I've found myself feeling wonderfully overwhelmed. I say "wonderfully" because I am realizing more and more the endless options the program offers. But I am still overwhelmed, confused, frazzled, frustrated, etc. Learning photoshop is like learning a foreign language. Time and patience is key. If you have both, you're in great shape. For me, Ha! Well, let's just say it's been a slow process. But I'm getting there!

Business is good. I haven't been advertising myself like I really ought to be, but I've been so immersed in other aspects of my business, and life itself, that I've hardly had the time. Luckily business has continued to filter in. I'm sure even if I was advertising, things would be slow given the time of year. Last week I had a customer return to me for the third time! That always makes ya feel good! And my first of three weddings is just around the corner (April 3rd). My website is almost finished. It's open to the public, but I'm still not ready to make the big announcement. Sorry - it just isn't quite where I want it. And now that I'm learning all these cool new tricks in photoshop, I'm finding myself wanting to go back and re-edit several photos, which will take even more time. Argh, it's endless.

The kids are driving me crazier than ever. I love 'em more than life itself, but gosh! Some days I just want to go to the bathroom without an audience! Or eat a hot meal. Or eat a meal, uninterrupted. It seems the days one child sleeps in, the other is up at the crack of dawn. When one is perfectly content, the other is having a meltdown. Motherhood is endless. But I sure do love it. There are moments where I find myself watching Chloe do her thing, and wondering how 4 years have already passed by.

She is growing so fast, and developing into such a little lady. She has her moments - man oh man - but she really is growing up! She is so observant, and understands a lot more than I know we realize. Yesterday she tied a bow on her dress, just out of the blue and ENTIRELY on her own! I know I didn't teach her how to do it! She continues to challenge and amaze us, and the process truly is rewarding.

Here's a recent photo of Mr. Ryan.

Who knew that dumping one's bottle upside down to create a pond of milk could be so incredibly entertaining?

Neil is doing well. His territory changed at the first of the year, which has required less travel for him. It's been nice having him around more. He's been spending quite a bit of his free time researching wood and making plans to build a new work bench, among other things. He also finished the end table, which matches our coffee table. Need to take a photo of the finished product. If he could afford to quit his job and make a living doing wood working, he would in a heartbeat. He's pretty passionate about it.

Here he is at our Ward's Pinewood Derby last week. He was in charge of the Bishopric's car, which, by the way, beat everyone else's. Don't worry - it didn't count for the sake of the boys. :)

You may be wondering what Bishop Lamb's expression is all about. Let's just say he's a UTE through and through, and did NOT appreciate being represented with a blue and white car! The funny thing is, Neil went with BYU colors just to mess with him. I think it worked. Bishop, you're a good sport!

Neil and I celebrated the 8th anniversary of our first date on Tuesday, the 9th. I know it sounds cheesy, but even Neil has managed to remember this day each year. It also happens to be my grandparents' wedding anniversary, my best friend/cousin's wedding anniversary, and, I just learned last week, Neil's grandpa's birthday! Funny, irrelevant stuff - those are usually the things I remember. :)

Have we changed much in 8 years?

All in all, life is good. A tad busier than I'd like, but good! Maybe one of these days I'll be able to get this silly blog caught up. I still haven't even posted about Christmas. Or Thanksgiving. Or my parent's September visit. Oh, life!


Mama/Gma Jill said...

What a wonderful and happy life! So many blessings. Happy you're learning so much about everything....your beautiful family, photography, and you didn't mention it here, but many are enjoying the recipes you're passing on. Good for you! Proud of you! You're nourishing your family while they nourish you. And Chloe....tying a bow all by herself! Oh my!
All is precious.....

Love love love,
Mama/Gma Jill
Love from Gpa Roy too :)

Jamie Lamb said...

Dan will love that picture! I will make sure he sees it.

Jaimee said...

Your posts are always so awesome!! I love the pictures of you and Neil and of course the kids- they are so beautiful! I can't wait to see your website! :)

Alissa said...

Valeri! Yes I totally remember you too! I had to come to your blog & look at a picture of you to jog my memory but yes, you're right we DID work at Meier & Frank together in 2002-2003...WOW, what a small world that you made the connection through Gena's blog! I'm so glad you contacted me:) What department did you work in again? Seems like an eternity ago!

Do you mind if I link your blog to mine, I'd love to keep in touch with you! Your family is so gorgeous as well:) GREAT to hear from you!

The Goulds said...

You haven't changed a bit :)Life is so busy....I hear you on that one & it just keeps getting busier. Miss you!

BK said...

Don't get too down on yourself about Photoshop. Its a BIG, deep program that takes even the best, years to really will just take time an experience, but you'll get doubt :)

BK said...
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Alissa said...

That's right, intimate apparel! I was trying to remember what department you worked in & for the life of me I couldn't...probably because I usually worked in a different department almost everyday! Are you on facebook? We should be facebook buddies;) Yeah, I remember Shannon! Do you remember JaLynn in housewares? I miss all those people! how many years did you work there? I left abruptly in April 2003...long story. Well, again it's great to hear from you & get caught up:)

stephschmidt said...

I'm impressed that you're learning Photoshop; Todd has tried to get me to learn it for years, but it's too much for me. I just like my Elements :) But you're right, there's SO much more you can do. We just had our Pinewood Derby too - so much fun! Are you getting ready for your Blue and Gold now?